All The Things I Should Not Be Sorry For


I’m sorry I told you I loved you too soon
I should have kept you guessing
I should have kept you missing
me. us. whatever we are..

I’m sorry I cared for you
I’m sorry I showed it
I’m sorry I wanted you more
I’m sorry I wanted more

I’m sorry I’m not just a boring vanilla or wild sex tiger
I’m sorry I am deeper than most people especially the ones you know
I’m sorry that I ask important questions
That I show you meaning to things

I’m sorry I didn’t match your lack of investment
That I made you a priority when you didn’t earn it
I’m sorry I fought for you while I could have just given-up right from the start
That I didn’t treat you the way you treated me sooner
I’m sorry I let you take me for granted

I’m sorry for all the nights you went to bed
Knowing you were desired and loved
That you were always in my head

I’m sorry I accepted you for who you were
Where I should have judged you like everyone else did
I’m sorry I made you feel enough. worthy. deserving.
Of my love and of Me.

I’m sorry I took you seriously
That I appreciated the role you played in my life
That I saw a sky of some sort in your eyes

I’m sorry I was genuinely interested in your family
When I should have just not bothered at all
I’m sorry I told people about you
While I should have kept you on the side

I’m sorry I never questioned your loyalty
That I didn’t get jealous of your connection with your best friend
And that I didn’t cheat on you just to see you hurt

I’m sorry I smiled when on the inside, I was torn apart
I’m sorry I didn’t take out the anger and pain you caused me on you
I’m sorry I didn’t make you the problem although you were

I’m sorry I was so afraid of losing you
I’m sorry I loved you in the wrong time, wrong place, in all the right ways
I’m sorry I didn’t let you go earlier
I’m sorry I’m giving up on you
I’m sorry that I love you no matter what. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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