50 Signs You Seriously Need To Dump Your Partner Right Now

 William Stitt
William Stitt

1. You don’t trust their intentions. You don’t trust them anymore.

2. They are treating you like garbage.

3. You are more sad than happy because of them.

4. They are putting themselves before your relationship.

5. Your heart is telling you to stay but your mind is begging you to leave.

6. You don’t feel safe with them.

They are inconsistent.

8. You think they are texting someone or about to cheat on you because you sense it.

9. They have become emotionally unavailable.

10. You feel helpless and hopeless about the relationship in general.

11. A passive-aggressive energy is clouding you when you are together.

12. You begin to see love from a negative stand point.

13. They are ruining your mascara instead of your lipstick.

14. You feel bad all the time. You feel bad when you are not with them and worse when you are.

15. They criticize your body, personality, or life choices.

You feel like you are walking on eggshells.

17. They forget things that are important to you.

18. You feel like you are ordinary and that you don’t matter because of them.

19. They are taking you for granted.

20. Your family and friends have told you to leave.

21. They are lying to you. They are hiding things from you. You don’t recognize them anymore.

22. They bring you down instead of lifting you up.

You are starting to lose your light, sense of humor and love for life.

24. They blame you for others’ interest in you and make it your problem.

25. Your fights are not productive. All you do is fight. It’s like your thing now.

26. You are alone and lonely in the relationship.

27. They flirt with other people in a sexual way.

28. You are making excuses for their obnoxious behavior.

29. They are not there for you at all.

30. Your heart hurts.

31. They are busy to see you, text you, or sleep with you.

32. You cannot see the point anymore.

33. They want to fit you in a box. They want you in a certain way.

34. You live in the good memories rather than the awful current reality.

35. They are short tempered, impatient and immature.

36. You are not attracted to them anymore.

37. You think they hate you.

38. They are treating you with disrespect.

39. You are starting to regret meeting them.

40. The relationship takes from your life more than it adds to it.

They are abusing you emotionally, psychologically or physically.

You kiss them because you think you should and not because you want to.

43. The sex is BAAAAAAAAAAD.

44. You would rather spend a moment in silence than being with them.

45. Thinking about them does not give you a good feeling.

46. You feel trapped.

47. They don’t care about your feelings.

48. You are over-thinking everything they say and do.

49. They are giving you a million reasons to dump them.

50. You read this because you want to find one reason not to dump them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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