50 Signs You Are In Denial About Being In Love With Them


1. You begin to unconsciously devalue your connection with them. And your journey of acting cool, acting like you don’t miss them, acting like you don’t care begins.

2. You smile out of the blue because you remembered them and you think to yourself it cannot be happening.

3. You become a combination of a creeper and an investigator but you do it out of the goodness of your heart. You keep checking your phone. You re-read your conversation. You wait for their snapchat stories. You check when they were last time online on Whatsapp.

4. Your friends see it. Your family sense it. But, you still insist that they are overreacting or misanalysing the situation.

5. You lie to yourself that you are attracted or interested in someone that is not them.

6. You find their jokes funny even though they are not.

7. Their opinion of you matters even though if you don’t want it to.

8. Your heart skips a beat when you hear someone says their name but try to hide your reaction.

9. You look forward to seeing them more than usual.

10. You crave being physically and emotionally close to them but you convince yourself that it’s lust or something else other than love.

11. They affect your mood swings.

12. You get bothered by getting jealous and you start questioning yourself like: what’s going on? No way..

13. You have a weak spot for them.

14. Their problems are yours. You worry about them and about how they are doing. A lot.

15. You pay attention to the little things they do and say but you don’t show it.

16. You catch yourself getting upset over silly stuff.

17. You begin to lose control over the way you feel about them.

18. They are all you can think of. You go to bed wishing they were there. And you wake-up to the thought of them.

19. You push them away.

20. You fight. You argue. You might even end it. But, you always find your way back to each other.

21. You are hooked on their interests and dreams in life. You are invested in the potential they possess for the future.

22. You get frustrated all the sudden.

23. They look great in sweatpants just as great they look when they are dressed up.

24. You enjoy seeing them goof to their favorite song. And you secretly goof to it too when they are not around.

25. You begin to accommodate them. You buy the food they like. You get your place looking the way they like. You start to impress them in a way that doesn’t necessarily benefit you.

26. You go out of your way to make them happy.

27. You let them in. You tell them things about you that not a lot of people know. You start to get vulnerable with them.

28. You feel safe with them.

29. Teasing them is a given talent of yours.

30. You get really emotional when you see them hurt or upset.

31. They give you a different kind of feeling. Like you feel different when you are with them. You become a different person. A better one.

32. You see things that remind you of them when you are at the mall and you fight the urge to get it for them.

33. You go to them for advice. They make you feel calm. They make you feel that everything’s going to be okay.

34. You like everything about them. Like EVERYTHING..

35. The idea of a night well spent is a night spent with them.

36. You keep memories of you together. On your phone. In a memory box. Everywhere if you could.

37. The things they are drawn to become the things you are drawn to.

38. You compromise out of choice not out of obligation.

39. Me turns to We.

40. You admire them. You admire their soul. You admire their intelligence. You admire their personality. And you make sure they know it.

41. They impact you uniquely on a personal level because they show you what you have been missing.

42. You make the best of your time together because you cherish being with them.

43. You are scared. They scare the shit of you. And the way you feel about them scares you even more. You become scared to lose them.

44. They challenge you. They excite you.

45. Your life turns into a dream you don’t want to wake-up from because they make it worthwhile. You start to see the beauty of life through their eyes.

46. They drive you crazy. And although you don’t like to admit it, you like it.

47. You are grateful for having them in your life. The kind of gratitude that makes you feel the luckiest person for having them in your life.

48. You take care of them whether they need it or not, asked for it or did not.

49. Their best interest is something you always think about. You consider how your decisions and actions affect them.

50. You can’t see your life without them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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