39 Romantic Things I Think About Whenever I Look You In The Eye

 Jordan Bauer
Jordan Bauer

1. Your touch sends chills down my spine.

2. Something in the way you move drives me bananas.

3. I didn’t know guys can be cute when they’re mad until I met you.

4. I want you 24/7.

5. Being with you is like living a dream I never thought I would be lucky enough to experience.

6. The future looks good.

7. I wish I can place the sadness in your eyes with the happiness you make me feel that you forget you were ever sad.

8. You take me places I never knew existed.

9. All the things I don’t understand about life only make sense when I’m with you. And they even make more sense when we are not together.

10. You’re worth it. The time. The effort. The risk. The love. You’re are worthy.

11. If only I can pause this moment for the rest of my life.

12. I think you’ve got some talents I don’t know about because you make hours feel like seconds when I am with you.

13. I don’t mind spending the most boring day on earth with you.

14. You make me feel things I never thought were possible.

15. Your kiss has its way of making my problems insignificant in a matter of seconds.

16. Just right-there. You. Me. Us. Perfect.

17. You are changing me.

18. I can listen to you complain about stupid shit all day.

19. I’ve been meaning to tell you that I find the way you unpeel Avocados hilarious that I could watch you do it over and over again even though it kills me a little on the inside.

20. You are trouble.

21. I want to wake-up to the sound of your voice.

22. You make me lose control voluntarily.

23. Your smile is my motivation.

24. I mistaken you for an angel the other day when you were sleeping.

25. Your hugs remind me of home.

26. You teach me how to love unconditionally.

27. I see you.

28. No one drives me crazy like you do.

29. I would rather fight with you than be at peace with someone else.

30. You’re exactly what I need at the end of the day.

31. I can’t decide if you look better with your t-shirt on or off.

32. You have the sexiest satisfied face I’ve ever seen.

33. You’re my kind of goofy.

34. I like the rhythm your heart makes whenever I am around.

35. You teach me how to love patiently.

36. Take me to space. Hell, let’s build our own spaceship.

37. You have the kind of hair I want my hands to get lost in for hours.

38. Let me show you how much I have been missing you.

39. Te Quiero. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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