This Is What You Deserve To Let Go Of Forever In 2017

Brooke Cagle
Brooke Cagle

2016 has been unpleasant for most of us. Looking back, it may seem that we have lost more than we have gained and that we have felt a range of emotions more than we can handle. And there are many things we deserve to let go of for good in 2017 to ensure that 2016 was just a rough patch and not the beginning of a destructive cycle. Here are just a few:


Let go of the people who didn’t want to be friends with you the way you wanted them to. Let go of those who didn’t want to date you, be in a relationship with you, or be sexually intimate with you. Let go of the opportunities you wanted badly but didn’t get. Let go of people who did not cherish your uniqueness and what you have to offer. Let go of all the places that declined your job application.

Rejection hurts and it often wounds our self-worth and self-esteem. But, at the same time, rejection opens our eyes to what we truly deserve because sometimes the things and the people we want the most aren’t necessarily what is best for us nor what we need to grow and learn in a given moment.

The Way Things Ended.

Let go of your failed relationships. Let go of how things turned out. Let go of the way you let someone go, and let go of how someone let you go. Let go of the words you said but most importantly, let go of the words you didn’t say. Let go of what could have happened if you did one thing differently. In other words, forgive yourself!

Embrace the fact that things come with an expiry date and that we are consistently living different versions of ourselves. Accept that you are not immune to failing, you are not protected from fucking-up, and that at the end of the day, you’re just a human.

Not Being Vulnerable.

Wear your flaws before your perfections. Own your true self. Take pride in how far you have come because it made you into the person you are today. Stop hiding your perks who make you so special from the world. Let go of your fear to get hurt because we are always going to get hurt so you might as well choose the right things that are worth getting hurt for.

Go after the things that could destroy you but you would survive regardless. Take risks. Follow what makes you feel alive despite of what everyone else thinks. Tell people how you feel about things. Make your voice be heard, make your opinion count.


Put your heart on the line. Challenge your thoughts and beliefs. Test the way you think things should be. Stop waiting to be ready to do things in life. Go to places you never thought you would be interested in exploring because they will show you a different perspective of life. Hangout with people who aren’t necessarily your type.

Let go of what you got accustomed to. Let go of what you are used to that is blocking other things from happening. Let go of the things you are comfortable with although you don’t like, like the nature of a friendship, your job that you hate and is making you miserable, the apartment you cannot afford but lived in for the longest time ever, the city that is limiting you and is slowly killing your love for life.

Just let go of the bad kind of comfort. Let go of the comfort you are holding on tightly to because you are scared of what may happen if that comfort is gone.

Wasting Your Time.

Let go of the things that are stuck and aren’t going anywhere because they are consuming your time. Let go of the relationship that isn’t moving forward because it is stealing away your chance in living the fairytale you want. Use your time wisely in the sense that you may not have it tomorrow. Find out what makes you feel like you’re having the best time of your life. And have the courage to choose it and live by it every single day.

Search for what makes you wish you can live forever. Stay in-tune with the present. Be present in all that you do. And most importantly, live the moment. Because the best time of all times is right-now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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