10 Eye Opening Things You Learn When You Leave Home

Flickr / Cameron Russell
Flickr / Cameron Russell

1. The place you came from is not a sphere, it is not the whole world.

There are people living lives similar to yours everyday, its a mystical happening. Go try and be apart of all that is out there, it will prove worth every pain and ache.

2. The boy that you pained over for years will one day seem small and petty.

You will find boys who are magical, so magical that when you see them you see the whole world in their eyes. You will hear about their lives and feel a new sense of fulfillment, it’ll be brand new. You will like it more than anything.

3. The excuses you made for yourself will seem ridiculous.

With a new environment, there is so much to do, and so much to see. The life you lived in that 900 person town with one stop light will seem like a waiting room for the rest of your life. You will no longer have a reason to make excuses for anything, good and bad. You can have a life.

4. You are malleable.

You are human, you can change at any given time. You don’t have to stay the same person you were at home. You can be anyone you want, and like anything you fancy. There are no limits, be yourself without a sense bounds.

5. Home is a place you will always cherish.

When you leave a place that gave you the building blocks of the person you are, a good home cooked meal, or simply your bed. You will miss it, and that is okay. It is alright to long for things that are familiar.

6. You will see a whole new mosaic life.

You will meet people from every walk of life, and this is something that can come as a shock, or a treat. Regardless, take it all as it comes. Accept and embrace the new perspective they have. Who knows what they could bring to your life?

7. Take advantage of every corner of a new place.

If there is a bus, take it. Explore every inch of your environment, breathe it in and take a minute to pay close attention. You could see the thing you have been missing all along. The missing piece is out there, and it is yours to find, whatever it may be. You never know what a two dollar trip on a streetcar can bring to you.

8. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

If an opportunity presents itself, take it with a powerful grip. New experiences are everywhere, and the only downside is that it wasn’t your thing, but you did it anyway. Be valiant, be open minded. You might find something you like, a new passion to chase with every part of yourself.

9. It is okay to remove toxic people from your life.

Even if that means leaving a part of home. Don’t restrict yourself from being free of anything that ever made you unhappy due to fear of losing something close to home. You will find new friends, and they could be the best yet.

10. Never shame where you came from, but learn from the experience.

Take a minute to see what you can finally notice with a change of eye. While being flooded with new things, you will see what your previous home lacked. These were some of your formative years, take them as that. The place that seemed so god awful hen you lived there helped you become who you are and why would you want to change that? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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