To The Creative Souls Who Don’t Always Fit In

You are creative. Passionate. Stimulating. Engaging. Exquisitely wonderful. Intense. Loving. Infinitely brilliant. Wild. You’re the epitome of uniqueness, originality, and beauty.
You can stand in the middle of a crowd composed of a million people, but your fiery orange hair would stand out. You’ll be standing and jumping and partying in a concert with margarita+vodka in one hand, and amid all the chaos and fun and noise, your scream, unmistakably yours and yours alone, will be echoing beyond the dome.

You are free. You were never meant to be taken or be possessed. You were never meant to be a slave — of your emotions, of yourself, or of the people around you. You were never meant to live in a world overcome by standards, social climbers, and status. You were never meant to learn for grades, to work for money, or to party just to gain friends.

You will never be stuck in a cage that defines who you are. You’re rowdy one moment and reserved the next. You’re secretive and mysterious, but your heart is an open book for those who deserve to know how beautiful your soul is. You will never live to impress people, or to care about what others think of you, or to make it your life’s mission to be loved. You know you’re worth loving, even if not everyone is gonna love you — and so, it is their loss.

You will daydream, pick flowers while you walk, laugh at stupid jokes, and talk about political agendas and the looming possibility of World War 3. You will wear whatever you want, paint your face or not, lose your money on useless stuff, and work hard. You will be stupid some days, and brilliant on others. Nobody will be able to predict you, because your mind works in a different way.

And it’s okay.

Let me tell you it’s okay. Let me tell you that you’re allowed to be whoever you want to be, date who you want to date, or boyfriend-hop, job-hop, and shop ‘til you drop. You know yourself. You know you’re not stepping down on anybody. You know you’re whole, and you don’t need another person or a perfect career for self-validation.

But you know how to love. Oh, boy, you love too much for your own good. You give too much love, and take a tiny bit back. You fall in love head over heels, socks over shoes, heart over sense. And when they leave, you move on — but never bitter, never angry, never lonely. You remind yourself that tomorrows always take away a portion of the pain until all that’s left are the good memories, your stronger heart, and a preparedness, more than ever, to love again.
You are what the world needs. The world needs more people who care less about self-image and more for the environment and the degradation of natural resources. And you are that. And more. Did I say no one could ever define you?

So, never apologize. Never apologize for your artworks, your written pieces, and the ideas that keep you up at night. Never apologize for baring your soul to the whole world, even if they throw rocks at you, scrutinize you, or shun you. You have the most beautiful soul. And your happiness lies in knowing that no one in the world needs to know how wonderful you are, except for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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