Why Do People Misunderstand Adventure?

Flickr / tomo tang
Flickr / tomo tang

What annoys me the most? It’s when people misunderstand the simple things. I mean, why do people insist on making simple things complicated by giving them the opposite meaning of what they really are? Is it a curse? I wonder.

Just like love and friendship. In reality it is a messy business, but the most wonderful mess you could ever have in life. But somehow people have ruined that thought, love is now lust and friendship is now betrayal.

And then there’s adventure and wanderlust, and how people mistake them for luxurious travel and vacations.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after all these years of “adventure,” is: that it’s never an adventure until something goes wrong.

Where is the fun in planned outings that go the way you want them to, up to the smallest of details? I mean, it sounds nice and all, but where is the element of surprise? The thrill of the unknown? How can there be fun with calculated movements and limited access to spontaneity? This is not adventure! Adventure is when you find yourself in unexpected turn of events. Its when you arrive at a certain point of disappointment. Its when you are lost. That’s where it starts. Adventure for me, is when everything goes wrong. Because that’s the part where everything starts to go right. You get me?

It’s like walking through a desert hoping to find an oasis at your destination. But there is none. All there is is a vast plain of sand and sun. But then the sun sets and you find yourself in a VIP seat below the most beautiful view of stars and constellations in the world. The humid air is replaced by a cool evening breeze and the sizzling sand becomes your bed of possibility and endless imaginings. I’m bad at analogies, I know. But my point is, adventure is when everything goes wrong one minute, and the next you find something even more beautiful. Things beyond your imagination. Beauty, and nature, and friendships. Sparkling eyes under sizzling suns, holding hands, laughter, paths unknown.

Adventure is always, always out there. In the vast terrains, muddy roads, and twisted paths. Not in first-class plane tickets and tour guides paid by the hour.

So when everything starts to go wrong, buckle up, because an adventure is coming. No instructions included. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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