10 Things You Will Only Understand If You Are The Flat Broke Friend

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In every group of friends, there is that one person who is not as rich as the rest of the them. Or rather, in a group of budget-conscious friends, there is that friend who is way more budget-conscious than the rest of them.

In my case, I’ve become that friend, and let me tell you – it sucks. Here are some things I’m sure other poor or budget-conscious people can relate to:

1. You count your money before going to a restaurant.

Can you afford to go to this restaurant? Do you even have the money to buy that order of fries with that burger? Only one way to find out… open that wallet and count your money. Or if you’re paying by card, check your bank account to make sure you can buy it. Sometimes you do this sneakily too, because you don’t want people to know how cheap you are.

2. You consider vegetables/fruits/extra basic necessities a splurge.

What?! You didn’t just buy bread today, but you bought bread AND eggs? What a big spender you are!

3. You envy all your friends who can buy tickets to places at the drop of a hat.

Last minute concert tickets are no big deal. Buying a new outfit just because they can. Going to Starbucks and ordering the most expensive item on the menu. You wish you were them a lot of the time.

4. You miss out on cool events because you can’t afford them.

All your friends decided to go to Las Vegas, but you couldn’t afford the flight. It sucks. So then you feel left out and like the lame friend because you need money to spend time with them.

5. You feel super lame and annoying because you always use the “I’m super tight on money right now” excuse to get out of expensive hangouts.

You’re pretty sure they’re tired of hearing it because you’re tired of saying it. You don’t want them to think you’re stingy, but you legitimately just can’t afford to live as they do.

6. You window shop while everyone actually buys things.

You know this all too well. You’re just there for moral support, and to let them know that the pants they are trying on make their butt look as big as they want it to.

7. You are constantly tempted to get into debt just because there’s a sale.

Sales are your worst nightmare. You shouldn’t really buy that new shirt, but it’s only $5! You don’t have to eat. Somehow, you manage to adjust your budget so you can fit that item into your life. Besides, it won’t be on sale forever. And as a wise man once said, “Treat yoself.” Later, you wonder why you’re tighter on money this month, only to remember the spontaneous purchase.

8. You embrace minimalism and creativity because you have to.

You can either buy coffee this month or a mixing spoon. When it comes down to it, food almost always wins. You can deal without a spoon. Besides, using the end of a knife as a spoon isn’t so bad, is it?

9. You eat/drink things past the expiration date.

Googling “how long is milk good after it expires” has become a common search theme in your history.

10. You secretly pray some rich person will have pity on you and gives you a boatload of money.

You can dream, right? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Faith is an extremely budget-conscious teacher living in Oklahoma.

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