I Want You To Talk To Me

Keep talking to me, not necessarily because I am desperate for your attention, but because it’d keep me together.

Keep talking to me because I lost it when you stopped. My life came to a standstill and the amount of chaos in my mind multiplied by, like, a thousand, and I really need my sanity back.

Keep talking to me because I am tired of crying all the time. My eyes are all swollen and red because of crying. I am tired of crying, but I do not know how to stop it…talk to me so I stop crying, I need my life back.

Talk to me so my heart will stop hurting so much. At times it hurts so much I have to gasp for breath amidst tears, and at that instant, I think I will die if I don’t stop crying, lack of air did kill so many people after all.

Keep talking to me because I lost a part of me when you walked away, and I feel so incomplete without that part of me — not that that part will come back, but maybe if you keep talking I will slowly get used to living without that part of me.

Keep talking, not because I want you to tell me sweet nothings, I just want you to talk. Tell me anything, just as long as you are talking because when you stopped talking, it all just fell apart, everything came crumbling down.

Keep talking because I really hate alcohol and more even the hangovers. And when you stopped talking to me, I have been looking for solace at the bottom of that bottle and craving when I am not. Just keep talking till this feeling goes.

Talk to me because I do not want to get high on marijuana. Thoughts of you have been driving me crazy, and being high feels like a great way to numb these feelings, make me forget about you even for a few minutes.

Because I feel like I would much rather be numb and high, than normal, hurt and dysfunctional.

Keep talking because I think I miss you, and I miss you so much it hurts. I do not know how to stop. I am not like you, just stopping things, so I do not know how to just stop these feelings.

Talk to me because I know that eventually I will have to leave this bed that I have refused to leave for days, and I know life is going on outside there, but I do not know how to face life anymore. Talk so that I can have it together again.

Talk to me because I miss being normal. I do not normally spend 24 continuous hours in bed, not feeling like doing anything. And tiring as it may be, I am out of strength to do what I would normally do, I am tired of being this defeated.

Talk to me because I do not know how to deal with this. And it’s the last thing I’ll ask you to do for me.

Just help me through this then you can go.

Talk to me, not for long, maybe a few weeks a month or two, Then let me go easy. You can pretend, but just talk to me. I don’t remember asking you for anything ever, and this is all I’ll ever ask of you. Talk to me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Holly Lay

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