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Fairley Lloyd

7 Common Misconceptions About Bisexuality

Would you ever say that a heterosexual person is attracted to everyone of their opposite gender? Probably not, but many people seem to think bisexuals are attracted to everyone.

I Finally Realized That I Deserve Better—And So Do You

I’ve heard countless times that you need to know your worth. It was something I learned in therapy, something I read in countless self-help articles, something my friends have said from time to time. But hearing that you’re worth it doesn’t make it true, nor does it make you magically believe it.

You’re Allowed To Be Queer

The beautiful thing about being queer is that it is such a spectrum that no two queer people are the same. You can’t put us in a box because we don’t fit in any.

It’s Time to Step Into Your Light

Every person has a special trait about them that speaks to the core of who they are and who we are as people and represents the very best aspects of humanity.