31 Aphorisms Every Single Girl Should Live By

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I don’t care too much for New Year’s resolutions (or blog posts about them, ironically). For me, they’re too grandiose — lose weight, drink less, stop sleeping with emotionally unavailable, narcissistic men — to realistically define, track or achieve.

Intention is great but willpower often loses to reality after six short weeks. Only a mere 8 percent of Americans actually achieve their big ideas. I’m no mathematician but I believe that means a staggering 92 percent of people fail miserably at a daunting to-do list.

Instead of resolutions, I write down aphorisms each year to help influence my mindset and guide my thoughts and behaviors well beyond the next 365 days. Some are poignant reminders; others aim to dramatically shift my thinking; few are audaciously clichéd; all are to be repeated over and over again until proclaiming them out loud wills them into reality.

  1. Challenge your own mind and existence. Ask yourself the tough questions, even if the answers are inconvenient and oh-so complicated.
  2. Red lipstick has the power to hide hangovers and make it seem like you’ve got your shit together even when you don’t.
  3. Time is your most precious currency – invest it in the people and pursuits that will return it to you in some form or another.
  4. You may have as many hours in the day as Beyoncé, but you also don’t have an assistant, manager, chauffeur, stylist, makeup artist, trainer, nanny or social media consultant to help streamline your schedule and squeeze every last second out of your day. There’s no use in comparisons. You’re doing just fine.
  5. No matter what they say, your standards are not too high. The bar is so very low already.
  6. Selfies are fine and all, but in moderation.
  7. Look up. You’re missing out on a whole hell of a lot.
  8. Stop overanalyzing every text message. He’s not.
  9. Self-improvement — of the mind, body, soul, heart and home — is well worth it. Invest in yourself. You’re all you’ve got.
  10. No one will know what you want unless you ask for it. So, do that.
  11. Don’t be afraid to be alone or still – even if it’s just for a minute while you’re waiting for a friend to meet you or for an entire afternoon. Put down your phone and just be. Stop leaning on technology to fill a void or as an excuse to escape your own reality.
  12. Slow down. Calm down. Put it all into perspective. Breathe.
  13. Being vulnerable can be powerful. It’s not a weakness.
  14. You’re your own worst critic. Give yourself a fucking break, and silence that negative bitch in your head.
  15. Appreciate every relationship, friendship or otherwise, for what it is. Not every lover should be a boyfriend. Not every friend is the best. Not every love will be The Great Love.
  16. Fuck the Sunday scaries.
  17. Keep up with the news (or at least subscribe to The Skimm). Shit’s happening and stuff—you should probably know about it.
  18. Say yes more.
  19. Ask yourself these questions every three months: What do I need? What do I want? What can I give? What changes can I make or control to get those things? Don’t bullshit your answers.
  20. Treat your mind like your body — it needs a check up too.
  21. Seamless won’t be around forever. Try using your stove as a stove.
  22. You probably don’t like whiskey/bourbon/scotch as much as your online dating profile says you do but shhh that’s totally okay.
  23. Seriously, call your parents more.
  24. Take one vacation (or staycation) by yourself each year. You’re the best fucking company ever.
  25. Find a hobby that engages your mind completely. Netflix marathons don’t count.
  26. There’s more to life than kale.
  27. If you absolutely feel the urge to say “YOLO” in any situation, please opt for “carpe diem” instead — it’s the original YOLO and may help you sound like less of an uninteresting asshole.
  28. Make decisions with conviction.
  29. Take your makeup off before bed. Come on, it’s not that hard.
  30. You can eat pizza without telling the world about it. Trust me, I know.
  31. Keep some moments to yourself. Not everything needs to be broadcast to have meaning or validation. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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