It Feels Good To Love You

Kaci Baum

So I keep loving you. Even when my heart aches, it’s a good kind of ache. Even when there are tears, they are the good kind of tears. Bliss doesn’t always look like sunshine, though sometimes it does.

Perhaps my desire is to feel alive, and you are the portal.

Perhaps my desire is intimacy with God, and you are my altar and benediction.

Perhaps my desire is to feel at one with the Universe, and you are my medicine journey.

Or maybe I just like the sound of your voice, and the touch of your hands, and the weight of your body.

Maybe I just like the way you feel in my mouth, my heart, my life.

Maybe I just like the fire and flood and star shine I find in your arms, embracing you, opening to you, receiving you.

Maybe it is all of this.

With you, I lose myself and find myself, all at once.

This is both sacred and hedonistic.

My divinity and my humanity, inseparable, intimately bound. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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