Dear Feminists, You Chose The Wrong Girl

Kim Kardashian Instagram
Kim Kardashian Instagram

I wasn’t going to do this but enough time has passed and for some reason I still feel the urge to address this properly.

When Kim Kardashian posted her nude selfie on a Monday morning — when most of us were trying to grasp the start of a new week — it wasn’t meant to be shocking.

She has always been her biggest fan and whether or not we want to acknowledge the extent of her physical attributes is irrelevant.

We have no choice but to take it. And thanks to the media, it’s systematically shoved down our throats.

Or temporarily and unexpectedly seared into our memory.

This explains why it was disconcerting to have her provocative image plastered on my timeline.

The response to her latest distribution varied but the one that stood out for me came from nineteen-year-old actress — Chloe Grace Moretz.

She astutely brought Mrs. West to task by reminding her that as a public figure with gazillions of followers who are mostly young girls — it is imperative to also highlight the fact that they need to rely on a hell of a lot more than their butt size and ample bosoms.

Obviously, the audacity of a much younger woman publicly pointing out what should be basic knowledge was offensive.

Needless to say — Kim had the final say and yes — based on her leverage and global power she won.

Or did she?

It was wild to witness how the media scorched Ms. Moretz as if she was the designated public enemy.

How dare she tell a sexy, confident and accomplished woman that she needs to be mindful of the fact that she is influencing young girls to embrace their bodies above all else.

Really? This is what feminism is all about? We condone picking sides? We decide who is the most popular and celebrate them while kicking the other contestant to the curb?

The truth is that the younger woman in this scenario was absolutely correct in her assessment.

And we know it.

There is nothing inherently wrong with being devoted to your looks — but there is something tragically amiss when that happens to be the only thing that validates your existence.

As much as we hate to admit it — looks do fade. That doesn’t necessarily mean that once you turn forty — your mirror will crack every time you peer into it.

But it does mean that you will be forced to adjust to a new normal that may or may not destroy you.

Yes, expensive creams and consistent needle work can possibly postpone the inevitable.

But, no matter how hard you try — the hands of time will put up a fight strong enough to eventually thwart your efforts.

Once and for all.

And then what? You’ve spent all your life believing that you will never look older than thirty-five and guys will always ejaculate at the mere mention of your name.

When that power is taken away — you are left with the responsibility of figuring out who you are and why anyone should care.

Dealing with that at twenty is a hell of a lot easier than coping at forty-five.

Kim Kardashian West will have a very difficult time transitioning into that mode and when she falls apart — everyone will be there to mock her every disaster.

Including the ones that fucked up Chloe Grace in order to secure the lie of what being a feminist really means.

You all got it wrong.

Chloe Grace Moretz is the very definition of what a womanist represents.

She’s someone who understands the value of looking great while also tending to matters of the brain and heart.

She sees something and she goes for it without having to spread her legs or pose in front of a mirror with her clothes off.

She can have hundreds of nude selfies but also thousands of recommendations from employers who can vouch for her enviable adherence to excellence.

But best of all — she’s someone who will call you out — for the sake of the ones who may need to be reminded that looking good and doing good go hand in hand.

Nobody really gets the true meaning of sisterhood because Instagram fucked it up for all of us.

Being self-absorbed only works when you are helplessly selfless. To a cause or persons of interest.

Let’s do better next time and support the woman who makes sense — by rightly advising the woman who doesn’t.

That’s feminism. It’s also common sense.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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