To His New Girlfriend


I just found out he was seeing someone new, and it hurts, but I know he deserved better than what I gave him. I don’t know who you are, but I guess you fell in love with him for similar reasons. I hope when you read this, you can take my advice and love him even more than I did.

When he’s upset, he doesn’t show it, he likes to keep it to himself. He thinks that the problems are small issues that he doesn’t have to trouble anyone with, but it eats at him, bit by bit. It makes him distracted occasionally, and unable to focus at work. Please be there for him when he needs a listening ear. Sometimes he reveals his troubles in the middle of a normal conversation, so you have to be more sensitive in listening to what he says.

He likes playing the guitar, which he learnt on his own. Even though he’s looking to learn from a teacher to further improve his skills, he has been reluctant to begin, as he doesn’t want to take the first step forward. He also played the piano back home, but once he moved to another country he stopped, as he couldn’t afford to get one. If you can, please encourage him to pursue the guitar or piano once more, to do what he loves and not be held back by anyone.

He drinks with his friends pretty often, but he hardly takes note of his alcohol intake, and sometimes he ends up drunk before he’s fully aware of it. Since you’re with him, he’ll definitely bring you to meet his friends. Please look after him when he does, and help him keep a watch on how much he drinks.

He moved into his current apartment not too long ago, and mentioned that he’s considering making it his home permanently. From installing a new TV screen, to sprucing his apartment with random furniture, he has been taking steps to do so. Please help him make it a home. He wants a collage of Polaroid pictures on the wall to keep all the memories; you could probably fill it with memories of the both of you and his friends.

His best friend is his colleague in the same department, and his close friends are those he goes with to the club. Get to know them, they are lovely people, and wonderful to hang out with. They will support your relationship with him, and give you a deeper insight into who he is.

Sometimes he doesn’t reply texts, especially when he’s busy. Don’t take it to heart, his workload has doubled recently, and he is gearing towards a promotion. Please be his support, and encourage him to strive for what he wants in his career. He is an amazing manager, and really great at his job.

Amongst the five love languages, his top two are physical touch and quality time. Please spend more time with him, and let him know how much you care. Give him hugs, loads of it, especially those from the back and spontaneous ones. Tell him that you love him, and surprise him once in a while with gifts. It doesn’t have to be elaborate ones, just show him that you appreciate him and what he does.

Till today, I wish that I could be the one to do all that for him, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be for us. Never let him go, believe me, you will find that he is worth every single effort you make. I’m now counting on you to love him as much, if not more than I did. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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