This Is What Happened After I Finally Gave In And Met My Dom Offline After 9 Months


After 9 months of online play, I was finally getting to meet you.

To think of it, it was no difference from mailing Santa my kinky wish list in March and waiting for him to land on my roof on his reindeer sleigh on Christmas. It had taken that long. You asked me to meet you up at the hotel bar and to order myself a drink. This was my moment but yet all my nerves were in a catastrophic tangle! Luckily, that glass of Merlot had worked before someone came up behind me to give me a warm squeeze.

It was you of course, my Sir.

Truthfully, my memory of your visage could be likened to a morning fog that dissipated as quickly as it came. I didn’t have your photo. So here I was very much pleasantly surprised to see this tall handsome man, with absolutely sexy facial hair, taking his seat beside me, literally chatting me up at a bar. Conversations started flowing and in no time, I found myself walking alongside my Sir towards his room.

1618 was the room number. The door opened to a dimly lit carpeted room with familiar music playing in the background and we both walked in. Within minutes, you were the only one left standing. I was kneeling where I belong at your feet, your submissive.

We started our very first session softly. Slowly you caressed me, exploring every single inch of my body, surprising me with intermittent spankings. Sometimes, you made me go into a few positions you found desirable just to gaze lovingly at me. Pretty soon, we both were exalted to a state of pain and pleasure filled ecstasy. The two of us immersed in a dance of tango, a seamless tango of power. A beautiful moment was born, one that was only visible to our eyes.

Those intense eyes of yours that I couldn’t decide to look away or to never look away. I loved how they flickered sometimes, like your soul was dancing in joy. That sexy mouth which you had fed me drinks with. I loved how they could take away all the pain that very instant they met mine. That sexy beard that I could fondle all day. I loved how they had felt so prickly on my skin, a reminder that I am yours. Those strong hands that could inflict so much pleasurable pain.

I love the way they affectionately run its way through my hair. Then that commanding voice that I had found so absolutely seductive. I adored how it could take away my reservations, made me do the things I never thought I would. On top of that, the lightness of mood, the provocative sillage of pheromone laced perfume, the familiar beat of the music had made this night so very memorable. I went to sleep thinking, “Is this what passion is?”

Maybe those guys were right in saying that, “Passion has little to do with euphoria and everything to do with patience.”

That 9 months wait had been worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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