7 Reasons Why It’s Better To Date A Nice Guy

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They say “nice guys finish last”, but girls, you’ll see why you need to stop the temptation and the draw towards the bad boys.

They may make your heart flutter and your blood rush to your faces with adrenaline from their sexy looks and their lines, ooh even the way they walk is bad- ass! ..but when the wild promises start piling up unfulfilled and they start letting you down, these good guys win out over the long run.

1. They will not forget month-saries, anniversaries, the works.

These guys are sensitive, thoughtful beings. They want you to know that you’re important in their lives, and that the event of finally getting you as a girlfriend is equally as important. Many guys forget these dates, and girls (no matter how many “it’s no big deal anyway”‘s you say), do mind it – even if it’s just a lil bit.

2. They randomly get you little things.

It doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be a takeaway of your favourite sushi from your favourite Japanese restaurant that is 2389837450223 miles away from your place and he’d have to take a big detour to get it for you coming from his place, or it can be a box of Royce champagne chocolates you adore – that he picks up at the mall near his place. These things will flood your heart with so much love you wouldn’t quite feel so full for any other occasion.

3. Ego? Psssh, save that for football nights (where it’s boys only).

When they’re with you, nothing else really matters. They proudly wrap your waist with their arms on the escalator and kiss your cheeks when you pout. And if they spot their friends, none of that unwinding themselves from you and man- bravado fist pump chest bump thing, perhaps they’d introduce you, or just say hi as they pass, maybe exchange a few lines – but all while letting you feel that you’re not excluded.

4. To be a gentleman…

Nowadays, when you’re walking around in a mall or someplace else, which are the guys that really catch your attention? No, not really the hot ones (although they do, for a bit), not the working ones, but take note guys, the ones that have a girlfriend and are carrying their bags. It would be poofy and pink and he wouldn’t look like he cared the slightest. These are the guys you know you could rely on to buy tampons for you when you have your ahem ahem monthly meetings. Trust me guys, nothing bonds you and your girl more than that teehee!

5. He’ll never push you (in a manner of speaking).

Guys that keep pushing the boundaries are complete turn off-s. If you don’t want to go there, he should not make you go there. These guys will make sure you’re comfortable with what he’s doing – although that doesn’t spell boring *winkwink

6. He’ll never push you (literally).

Uh, no explanation needed. Nuff said.

7. Most of all, he will never make you feel like you’re in a competition with any other girl.

“Boys will make you feel jealous of other girls. Men will make other girls jealous of you.” 

^ preach it!

Perhaps sometimes he will make you feel insecure with certain things he does. After all, nice guys are still guys. As all humans are, they may overlook certain things, or not give some actions much thought. But, tell them, and they will make it up to you with more than just make up sex/ make- out session.

And you can be sure it wouldn’t happen again.

So these are some ideas of what it’s like to choose the nice guy. I’m not saying the bad boys will end up sad lonely beings in life, but these nice guys deserve some credit, don’t they?

Do share with us the sweet things your boyfriend has done for you! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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