3 Things Men Need To Realize When Their Girlfriends Think They’ve Found “The One”

We all start this way – we’ve never been one to be jealous of a guy’s ex, but when we have someone as close as possible to our visualized forms of perfection – you suddenly find yourself faced with the manifestation of jealousy. 
It does not matter that she is the girlfriend, it does not matter that she is the past. What matters, are these.

1. “So you agree then?”

Comparisons will be the deaths of current girlfriends across the globe. We will compare, and compare AND KEEP COMPARING until we are satisfied, which is an unlikely event. And what’s worse is when we compare and our boyfriends don’t bother reassuring us anymore because they’re damned tired of our non-stop comparisons and they’ve long given up trying to convince us that we’re gorgeous. 

But that doesn’t matter because silence is a form of agreement! “So you agree that I’m ugly?!” We still compare.

2. When he’s a horrible boyfriend, it’s an issue. When he’s a good boyfriend, it’s a MAJOR issue.

We’ve all dated a guy who makes us go, “No wonder his ex-girlfriend dumped him.” But, here’s the twist – what if the girl never get that impression, EVER? (Assuming you ARE the worthy one.) What if he – hands down – treated us better in 2 months than every other guy we’ve dated for years? 

Because then, we wonder whether he treated his exes the same way. We wonder if he treated her equally as well as how he is treats us. We wonder if he put in the same amazing amount of effort, whether he was as loving to her as to us because — God forbid — we get subjected to the mental image of our boyfriends holding another in his arms.

And the worst thing is if we know her and know that she is a pain-in-the-ass.

3. “You’re a fine piece of real estate” – Shania Twain

Every girl who walks past is a potential predator, hunting for the rare species that is our boyfriend. Honestly, I can completely vouch for this. Before this, I was fine walking around (even on the beach), but this time around, you can’t even even go to the mall, because, honey, it is dangerous

And really, it’s not even our boyfriends’ fault, the poor things. It’s just that we are insecure.

We all want to be that special one. Some of us are, but most end up eating away at themselves until there’s nothing left to love. Our inner demons will get the best of us.

Guys, if your girl is “The One” for you, keep telling her she’s beautiful. And please be patient because let me tell you, she’s a keeper if she feels this way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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