20 Pick-Me-Ups That Will Have You Smiling In No Time

1. Whenever possible, get at least 8 hours of sleep. Make rest a priority. If you do have to skimp on sleep for one reason or another, never skimp more than one day in a row.

2. Smell a rose.

3. Deliver an unusual compliment to a stranger. Don’t go too odd though; people can take things all sorts of ways. I once told someone I liked her widow’s peak, with only the most earnest of intentions. Turns out that’s not something people ache to hear when they’re grabbing their morning coffee.

4. Get on a bike (if weather encourages).

5. Start and/or end your day with a cup of tea, just the way you like it (cream, darling?).

6. Keep healthy and delicious snacks in your bag at all times to avoid mid-day crankiness (trail mix with a wee bit of chocolate is killer).

7. Remind yourself, throughout various parts of the day, to breathe deeply and fully. Or to breathe, period. Are you holding your breath?

8. Masturbate.

9. Put fresh sheets on your bed. Bonus if you’ve just shaved your legs. Arguably one of the best sensations!

10. Write a letter to a friend, and mail it on the same day. Maybe decorate the envelope a bit while you’re at it for personal panache.

11. Journal, if only for two minutes before bed. If journaling isn’t your thing, do a few minutes of whatever helps you release thoughts and unwind before it’s time to rest for the night.

12. Meditate briefly on the vastness of the universe and let it make your problems and annoyances feel small. The relief may only last seconds, but the more you make a habit of it, the sooner those seconds will turn to minutes.

13. Snuggle a feline, even if you have to stalk the neighborhood Mittens to get your fix.

14. Drink a tall glass of water before starting a meal.

15. Make a to-do list. Write it in a way that allows you to cross certain “easier” items off quickly.

16. Listen to one episode of your favorite podcast while getting for (or winding down from) your day (The Moth!!!).

17. Give yourself credit for the smallest accomplishments. Yes, you can always do more. Yes, you can always do better. This is not the point.

18. If you’re holding the door open for someone, hold it open for two more people.

19. Make your bed every damn day.

20. Light a candle and admire the flame. But not near the stack of unread books. Or used tissues. Or your sleeping cat’s swishing tail. The results would quickly undo the peace of mind induced by #1-19, and possibly cause feline murder (or murder-by-feline, depending on your puss’ reaction time and temperament). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – iStockphoto

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