I’m With Her, And I Hope You Are Too

Democratic National Convention
Democratic National Convention

As an actor, I thrive off of inspiration. Inspiration comes in many forms – new, exciting art, random acts of kindness, the view of the mountains when I’m driving West in my home state of Colorado. I am inspired by my loved ones, my professors, even fictional characters. When it comes to politics and my country, however, inspiration is scarce. I have little faith in a system that devalues the lives of minorities. I have little faith in a system that allows guns into the hands of hateful, dangerous people. I have little faith in a system that treats me as somehow less, simply because I am a woman, when I know that I am so much more.

I have faith in Hillary Clinton.

I will be casting my first vote for a presidential candidate this November, and that vote will be for a woman. Like me. We throw around the word ‘representation,’ quite a bit, but for me ­— an ambitious, motivated young woman ­— this is truly peak representation. I have never been one to pass on a challenge when the odds are not in my favor. That being said, long odds can become exhausting. Some days, I am motivated by sexism and misogyny. Other days, it just feels heavy.

Today is not one of those days.

When Hillary Clinton took the stage the other night at the Democratic National Convention, I saw integrity.

I saw intelligence. I saw tenacity. I saw a woman.

A woman who, despite bearing the burden of a decade long smear campaign dedicated to undercutting her accomplishments and ideas, has no shortage of inspiration. I saw a specific agenda with practical solutions and real details. Watching Hillary command the attention of the world ­and it having nothing to do with her sensuality or sexuality ­ has this particular pessimist brimming with hope, excitement and inspiration. Today, I am not heavy or tired. I am beaming.

I am imagining young girls, born under a Clinton presidency, who really do believe that they can be anything, even President of the United States. I am imagining a country moving forward, thanks to a woman’s touch. I am imagining ­and seeing, tonight ­a WOMAN talking about WOMEN’S RIGHTS on a national platform, a vision all too rare and entirely refreshing. I am imaging countless women and girls loving themselves just a little bit more, because perhaps they don’t have to be drop dead gorgeous to get ahead in this life. They don’t always have to smile and laugh at the right moment, or come across as delicate and charming. They just have to ask and answer the hard questions, with transparency and strength.

I am so incredibly proud to be a woman. And I owe a great deal of that pride to Hillary Clinton. Vote. And keeps your eyes peeled, because this is history. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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