5 Perfect Reasons You Should Spend As Much Time With Your Big Sister As You Possibly Can

Ah, sisters. I have to be honest; I love having a big sister. I just simply cannot imagine my life without one or being the older sibling. I enjoy the company of the older sibling when they are around. Me and my sister have gotten closer since I joined her and her husband here in Finland 8 years ago to study and to live. There’s nothing wrong back home but I just had this feeling that I had to come here and explore.

I was only 16 years old then and my sister has done a courageous move to take a teenager from her parents at such an early age, basically my sister and her husband raised me from then onwards. We have a special connection and despite having 12 years of difference, we
got along really well.

Of course there are moments when we fought but tell if there are any siblings out there who never fight? It is so normal but for us it doesn’t last long till we reconcile and start bonding again. When I turned 18 years of age she, her husband and their first-born had to move to UAE because of her husband’s job. It was the first time they had to trust me and leave me alone in Finland; it was I think the best thing they have done for me.

They gave me their trust that I could do it by myself and because they know they have taught me well on how to survive in Finland on my own. I did survive well and I visited them one time in Abu Dhabi, she has toured me everywhere she thought was nice and as well we had plenty of bonding moments while I was there with them. There were many occasions as well when we have been back home in Philippines spending our holidays there together. We are tight like that y’all, sisters all the way!

It is always nice to create wonderful memories with your sibling but the very last holiday we had together was in Venice, Italy and it was just the two of us. You know, sisters having fun. We drank, we ate, we toured and we just had a blast! So with no further ado, here’s five reasons why you should travel or spend time with your big sister and why I think it is worth it!

1. Endless stories

You’ll spend every night talking about everything over wine, cheese and snacks. Even though you two are so up to date about everything, it’s never the end of it and to talk about the same things all over again is just as fun as talking about it the first time.

It is worth it because every moment you spend with this person is so worthwhile. Just think about this, when everything else fails, you can always come running to your big sister. She’ll tell you you’re stupid but at the same time help you get on your feet. Memories and laughter’s shared together over simple gatherings are to be celebrated. They are the ones our hearts remember dearest.

2. Pig out sessions

I don’t know about your sisters but mine is a hell of an eater. So am I, maybe it runs in the family but one thing for sure is that pig out sessions during your travels together is a must. We ate almost all the time and ordered naughty food that is so naughty I don’t want to say it here. I don’t want to get in trouble!

It is worth it to spend naughty pig out sessions with your sister. She will call you fat; you’ll call her fat and you both laugh at it and then laugh at each other like idiots. In the future, at some point, you will sit down and relieve these memories and be like “I can’t believe we ate that!” or “I miss that food so much I’d like to have it right now!” and from that you’ll start to go into details and reminisce the whole trip you did together. The heart knows the best thing that has happened to you.

3. You can borrow everything from her suitcase/closet

My sister and I are almost the same size so every time I visit her or when we travel together, we borrowed everything from each other. I borrowed her clothes, I borrowed her make up’s, I borrowed her perfume and I borrowed everything. She would rant a bit about my borrowing problems but that’s what big sisters are for, they have all the stuff we little sister don’t have. Which kinda suck but oh well, you can always borrow!

As the younger sibling that I am, I do tend to get a lot of hand me down from my sister and as well free goodies or borrowed stuff. Sometimes when I borrow something I’ll give it back at some point sometimes I ‘forget’ and she’ll never see the sight of it ever again. The fun thing about this is that there’s going to be a moment when you forgot that and that shirt you are currently wearing to meet your sister is actually hers and she’ll point it out to you and you will be like “No, its mine” and she’ll start asking you witty questions for instance “Where did you got it?” and that’s the moment when you realized that ooops it is hers and the two of you will laugh about it and possibly the next few years when the memory pops up in a conversation again. She’ll end up giving the shirt to you because she doesn’t want it anymore anyway.

4. You both drink like there’s no tomorrow and gossip

Okay, kill me. I stand by what I said though, I mean, she is not just your sister, she is also your best friend! And what does best friend’s do? They talk, they drink and they gossip. Nothing awful of course, we’re not the kind of people who would talk shit behind peoples back. We just simply agree on certain opinions and maybe laugh a little about it. It is fun all right! Sometimes it goes down to teasing and laughing at each other’s stupidity and reminiscing old times.

This is like a usual sibling thing, I suppose. I am not going to lie about how much we had so much drunken talks about certain things and certain people. It is not because we meant bad about what we say about them, it is just the sibling thing and it never goes out between the two of you. It stays between you for better or for worse. We do drink a lot when we are together and we had so many conversations about everything and at that moment we both feel safe and happy that we have each other to talk to because we can say whatever without being judge. We are in our comfortable space and we enjoy it…. With alcohol, of course.

5. Selfies and designated photographer

I am not a big fan of selfies but with my sister for some reason it’s quite important that you are ready for a good selfie. May it be an interesting wall, lets have a selfie there! May it be an interesting tree, lets have a selfie there! It is super fun. Especially if you are the sister who is not good at taking selfies, there’s always someone who is good at taking selfies. Anyway, taking photos is one great way to preserve the moment during your trip.

I always have the camera when we travel and are always the designated photographer and I usually take photos and always forget to upload it. Being the opposite of each other about the aspect of taking selfies or not, it unites us together. In the end you’ll give up and join her on her selfies and realize that it is not so bad after all to take selfies especially if you look good on them… because you are wearing some make-up from your sister’s travel cosmetic box. 

It is worth it because of your difference, you’ll have a blast of memories later on about how addicted the other one is about something. There are chances that one day you’ll follow your big sister’s footsteps and be a selfie fanatic yourself. Who knows right? It is common for younger sister to look up to the older sister. I look up to my sister a lot and I don’t regret following some of her footsteps.

For one she’s an amazing mother to three healthy and beautiful boys, it takes a lot of courage and dedication to raise that many children. I am still at awe at how she managed to do all of it, of course her husband is a big help, however to actually raise the kids to be good boys’ really takes a bit of a challenge and I hope to be like her on this one in the future. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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