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Two Languages In America.

Everyone knows about pho, red hot beef noodle, bun bo hue, and — as Thu-Huong Nguyen-Vo of the UCLA Asia Institute put it — “the trusted spring rolls of several varieties.”

Arcade Fire, The Atlantic, And Haiti

Anyone who’s taken the time to listen to Arcade Fire’s “Normal Person” will hear lyrics pertaining to middlebrow culture forever seeking its zone of comfort (i.e., “And they will break you down ’til everything is normal now”; think — for instance — of the running critique of how The Daily Show and The Colbert Report may satirize X or Y, but they never actually change X or Y)…

On Rand Paul And Ideas

I don’t think Rand Paul is going to be President, so I don’t think a piece of sharp moral dudgeon defending the integrity of thought is going to be of much use to anyone.

Language Comes Before News

It’s a kind of exformation, which — if you’ll recall — David Foster Wallace mentioned on his essay on Kafka. (No one’s written about him recently, right?)

When Politicians Blame Pop Culture For Society’s Problems

??The point here isn’t the speech or the L.A. Riots, but the fact that Dan Quayle invoked Murphy Brown in reference to the L.A. Riots. Instead of talking about a specific locality and community — predominantly Hispanic, Korean, and African-American — worn down by things not being what could and should have been, Dan Quayle invoked an imaginary white lady.

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