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The Ha-Ha Revolutionaries.

Malcolm Gladwell and Steve Almond have now both criticized comedy as enabling the status quo rather than subverting it or changing it, so my question for the two of them is this – would they rather comedians be real revolutionaries…

A Few More Thoughts On Arcade Fire.

I know we’ve been down this road before (not only here but here), but I think it’s also worth mentioning that if Radiohead’s “2+2=5” is criticism — a badgering and well-deserved wallop to the upside of the head — then…

Karma Police

“Karma Police” is one of those songs — and, oh, what a song — and it raises a lot of questions in line with that kind of sentiment: even if the three sections that comprise the song lack a formal…

Adler, Krugman, And France.

Un gros, petit canard by the name of Alexandre Adler took to the pages of L’Opinion to rail against Paul Krugman disputing Standard and Poor’s decision to downgrade the credit rating of France, a stance which made headlines in Le…

A Brief Note On Melih Gökçek.

At the end of June, Melih Gökçek — the mayor of Ankara, Turkey, a city of four and a half million — took to twitter and accused a journalist working for the BBC of being both a spy and a traitor.

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