The 10 Best Comedy Shows On TV Right Now

The Meltdown
The Meltdown

This article is about the best contemporary comedy shows on the air right now. This list excludes late night live talk shows because it would make the list way too long. Definitely look up the shows you haven’t seen on this list. It goes without saying that most of these shows are for the more mature audiences.

1. Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail (Comedy Central)

This makes the #1 spot on this list because of its beginner oriented style to stand up comedy. Hosted by two seasoned stand up veterans, this show starts with around ten minutes of stand up by Jonah and Kumail, followed up by 5 minutes by a few comedians friends. If you’re new to comedy and want to know who you like and who you don’t, this is your kind of show. Finishing up its 1st season it is showing such great results, and I personally can’t wait for the next season.

2. Comedy Bang Bang (IFC)

At first I was skeptical about this show, but after a full episode of letting the show taking me on what seemed like an unplanned journey. I was definitely on board with this parody talk show’s unconventional way of delivering jokes. It takes awhile getting used to laughing at the constant improv. Scott Aukerman is the only person who could host this show, and it doesn’t hurt that is executively produced by Zach Galifianakis.

3. Saturday Night Live (NBC)

You’re probably thinking this is a little low on the list for a show that has achieved 40 seasons, but due to its repetitive nature and quickly changing cast. It can be hard to love a show that is never the same. We are all fond of the love child of Lorne Michaels and NBC and we will tune in on Saturday nights as tradition, but towards the end of each season it can get repetitive and sketches can get routine. Nevertheless, deserving of its 3rd place spot.

4. Key and Peele (Comedy Central)


In its 4th season this sketch show has made its fair share of hilarious content. Even after only 33 episodes, you can go to the Comedy Central Youtube page see there ‘Most Popular’ list is just Key and Peele digital shorts. This team of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele is a match made in heaven, moreover a match made on MadTv. Overall the two-improv greats have more and more amazing content to share and show no signs of stopping.

5. Kroll Show (Comedy Central)

Renewed for its third season, this recurring sketch show is pure gold when it is in its prime. At 5 on the list it is definitely a show that will move up with time. Nick Kroll. a comic genius known for his strange characters and lively performances, knows exactly how great his show is and is ready to prove himself. The show also has some of the best secondary recurring actors including Jon Daly, Jenny Slate, and John Mulaney.

6. Parks and Recreation (NBC)

Heading into its seventh and final season Amy Poehler has continuously outdone herself. With an outstanding cast of veteran stand ups to great improvisers. It can be said this is one of Poehler’s greatest projects. The amazing team of writers for this show does not get enough credit. Some of the episodes can be a little generic to the show, but when they have a good show Parks and Rec hits it out of the park (get it). Not enough can be said about one of the last surviving mockumentaries.

7. Silicon Valley (HBO)


With a smashing first season this edgy comedy pleased critics and fans alike. It’s full cast of stand up comics and improvisers made for great chemistry on screen. Unlike most of the shows previously on this list, a large part the show centers around a very well thought out plot. Also making his second appearance on the list, Kumail Nanjiani shows his versatility and clever comedic stylings.

8. Community (Premiered NBC , Yahoo! Screen)

After being cancelled for a second time this heartfelt show has its fair share of adversity for a 30-minute time slot. Recently picked up for a 5th season by Yahoo! Screen, it is soon to be determined if this show has what it takes to make it as a common sitcom. Two of its main characters have left and low ratings have driven this truly funny show to its edges, but is cult like following have seemed to save it every time. May the TV gods smile upon this fighter of a TV show.

9. Louie (FX)

Louis C.K. is probably one the undisputed King of Comedy right now. All the comedians will say it. You could make a case that Kevin Hart is the comedian who is most on fire right now. But a comic for the real comedy fans, Louis C.K. always come out on top. This is apparent in his ever so popular show Louie. Renewed for a 5th season the show sometimes takes a dark or vulgar turn, but that what you sign up for when you watch anything Louis C.K.

10. Maron (IFC)

IFC’s second appearance on the list Maron, is an amusingly funny and whimsical recreation of Marc Maron’s day to day and odd experiences. With his comedy mostly being observational complaining you can either like him or hate him. Either way Maron is a good show and is something nice to watch on a sick day, but definitely not laugh out loud hilarious. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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