5 Reasons Women Should Rule The World


1. Women can multi-task. 

Studies have proven that women are better than men at multi-tasking. That said, I’m sure that women can accomplish more at one international summit than the men ever would in a year. They would probably even manage to fit in a session of manicure in between meetings.

2. Women are pacifists.

Being women, we have lower levels of testosterone which makes us less aggressive than men, which means no (or at least fewer) wars, no violence, no prostitution, no drugs, no rapes…are you convinced yet?

3. Women are very resilient.

Yes, more women get depressed than men but suicide rates for men are much higher than women. This means that more women suffer – physically and emotionally – but they do not give up easily. Women, more often than not, come out scarred but ALIVE and STRONGER from their battles. We can often find examples of such women around us every day.

4. Women are fiercely protective and loyal.

Women would go to all lengths to protect the ones they love. Woe befalls on the person who threatens or speaks badly about her family or friends. We all know of women who are completely irrational because to them love and loyalty reign supreme over logic. Objectivity is over-rated.

5. Women have more emotional empathy than men. 

If you believe that world leaders should rule with compassion, then you cannot go wrong voting for women since they have been scientifically proven to be more emotionally intelligent than men. Women are capable of not just showing empathy for the poor, the outcasts, the orphans, the weak, the old, the handicapped but they actually DO something about it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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