Truth Is, Living A Good Life Is Really Pretty Simple

Lilit Matevosyan
Lilit Matevosyan

Everything is really simple. You’re the one who decides to make it difficult. It’s your way of complicating things, your crazy thoughts, it’s your mind creating endless combinations of worst case scenarios.

It’s you, it has always been you.

Stop blaming any other person, stop making excuses for feeling down, stop feeling like it’s totally normal to live in depression, thinking about what could’ve been, thinking about the past. That’s not normal. It’s normal and acceptable to feel sad, to feel heartbroken, but it’s not normal to get stuck in there, it’s not normal to live your whole life with regrets and with false hopes.
Move on. Be grateful for the good moments and for the bad ones too, because they’ve helped you grow up as a person, but it’s not acceptable to think that you’re never going to be as happy as you were in the past. It’s not acceptable to give up. Stop playing the victim, it’s not fair for the people that really loves you, it’s not fair for YOU.

We’re in this world to live happily, to make mistakes, to laugh, to love passionately, to give our entire selves into every experience. So live.

You create your own destiny, you take your own paths. So, if you’re going to be just existing, without enjoying the world, just know that it’s no one else’s decision, it’s just yours.

But really, don’t do that. Don’t be that person that closes its heart to others, don’t run away from people, and don’t feel alone in the world, because you truly aren’t. You can’t tell me that from the 7 billion people in the world, there’s no one there for you, I know that’s not your case.
So… just live and love everyone, a lot, without expecting them to love you, and life will take care of you and will send you at least one person, that one person that just don’t make you suffer, but it will make you feel safe, and will know how to get the best of you, in every situation. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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