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Do you feel trapped? Do you feel like you’re just running around in endless circles? Hey, you are not alone. Life can be hard. But here are some things you can do to make it a little bit lighter.

Listen to good music. Songs to dance to without a care in the world, ones you can play on late night drives and ones that speak to you and make you smile. Feel the beat, get lost in the melody.

Talk to people. Talk about your day. Did something good happen today? Is the weather good? Sometimes it’s just nice to talk about the little things. Spread a bit of joy. Make someone’s day brighter.

Wake up early and go to a cafe. When you take that first sip of coffee, feel yourself float. Look out the window and watch life go by – people rushing, children playing. It’s such a big world out there. Don’t miss it.

Make a list of all the things you are thankful for. See how your whole perspective changes. Look at your life as what it is – a crazy, unpredictable, awesome ride. Make the most of it.

Do something different. Do you want to learn a new skill? Clean out your closet? Get healthier? Make a to-do list and stick to it, one item at a time. Improve yourself. Enjoy life.

Take a day off and do absolutely nothing. Wake up late, eat, sleep again if you want to. Get off your diet for a day. Binge watch your shows. Get your hair done. Do the things you’ve been putting off for so long.

Start a diary. Write down everything you feel. That way, someday when you read it, you’ll be able to see how everything worked out for the good.

Sweetheart, don’t build your walls too high. I know you’ve been hurt before. People disappointed you, left you, broke promises, yes. But that has nothing to do with you. Don’t shrink too far inside yourself that you can no longer get out. You are much too valuable for that.

Let go of the memories that haunt you. Quit replaying them over and over again in your head. Play instead a new reel – one filled with laughter, warmth and joy. Don’t ever let the bad memories overshadow the good ones. You deserve to move forward. I know you’ll achieve so much once you do. Take that first step, you’ll see.

Close your eyes. Sometimes the things we see hurt us, so maybe it’s better to just feel. Feel your heart. Get to know yourself again. Let go of the distractions. Spend time alone. Wounds also heal this way. But don’t take too long. When you’re ready, open your eyes. See how much things have changed.

And lastly, love. Doesn’t everything come back to this one thing, love? Don’t let your heart be chained by people, memories or anything else. Love fiercely and abundantly. Don’t be scared.

You have the power to free yourself. Nothing can hold you back unless you let it. So, go. Be the wonderful, beautiful person I know that you are, the one you were always meant to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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