Read This If You Feel Like Giving Up

Yuris Alhumaydy / Unsplash

Life, it seems, is a battlefield. There are mornings when you struggle just to get up and nights you spend fighting unseen wars in your heart. There are days when you feel so terrified that you break down in tears, with nowhere to go and no one to talk to. Life can get so heavy that everything seems impossible. Sometimes, you just want to give up.

But I tell you, fight.

Fight for the future. Know that this is not the end, please don’t let it be. Have faith that God has something in store for you and that everything you are going through is molding you and making you stronger. I know you have so many questions, press on so that you’ll have the chance to know the answers. Be patient and take courage. Somewhere beyond what you can see, something wonderful is waiting for you.

Fight for love. Think about your mom, who calls every day to make sure you are okay. Your dad, who works so hard to give you the best life. Think of your siblings, who look up to you and want to be just like you. Think of your friends and your loved ones. Think of the people who love you, who make you smile, who want to see you succeed. They’re not giving up on you, so please, hold on.

Fight because the world needs you. It needs someone who’s been strengthened by adversity and struggle. It needs you, who have been through so much but still manage to remain kind and compassionate. Use the pain you’ve experienced to help heal others. You see people giving up everyday, stand up for them. When everything seems dark, choose to be the light. Let the world see what you can give.

And lastly, fight, because you are worth it. You are a work of art, and your scars only make you more beautiful. Refuse to let anything tell you otherwise. Use your faith as your weapon and your heart as your compass. You are a warrior, and you can win this.

Now, open your eyes. Breathe. Get up and FIGHT. TC mark

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