10 Things Only Someone Who Has Lost A Dog (And Their Best Friend) Understands

Twenty20 / brandonreinhardt
Twenty20 / brandonreinhardt

You lose a playmate.

They are always there to play with you, be it chasing after you, or playing fetch. Whether it is late in the night, or early in the morning and your dog is half-awake, you know they will wake up just to have fun with you because that’s just how much they love you.

2. Turning the keys to open the door at home is no longer the same.

Remember the days when you reach your doorstep? You do not hear anyone scurrying at the door, and you’re no longer greeted with jumps, twirls and barks.

3. Admit it, you’ve lost a cuddle partner.

When you’re watching your favorite movie and a touching scene appears, your furry friend is no longer there for you to hug and cuddle while you bawl your eyes out.

4. You feel like a part of you is gone.

You guys stuck to each other all the time, now walking around home feels empty without your dog at your heels.

5. You lose your listening ear at home.

People can say what they want, but you know your buddy understands you when you tell them about your worries/fears, and they are always there to listen to whatever you have to say.

6. The heartache you feel when you have to face their death is the same as losing a loved one.

When you first have to face the news of your buddy gone, it is a very weird feeling. You almost can’t believe that this is happening, but as you realize it’s true, the heartache you feel cannot be described. You wish you could have done something to help them, something to keep them with you.

7. You miss those licks on your face, and giving them belly-rubs.

You miss playing and disturbing them so much, and touching their soft fur, rubbing their bellies…

8. At times, you really wish you could hug them and hold their paws.

Especially those nights where you are feeling so lonely and upset, and just want someone to be there with you. You’d always remember their tiny paws that used to hi-5 your palm when you tempt them with a treat.

9. You have to constantly remind yourself that they are no longer around.

You sometimes have the urge to call out their names, because you’re so used to it, but you have to stop yourself and remind yourself that they would no longer be around again.

10. Above all the loss, your dog has changed your life, and taught you so much more.

Funny how people always say we do not appreciate until we lose it, because it is really true. Your dog taught you the invaluable meaning of loving without boundaries, and loving wholeheartedly, because that was just how much they loved you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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