You Are Just A Thing That Happened One Time

Kristin Vogt
Kristin Vogt

Every night when I close my eyes to go to sleep,
The blackness seeps in
And my arm stretches our farther and farther
I can see it.
And there you are
Falling further and further away.
I can never reach you.

I don’t see you in my dreams, not anymore.
They are blank faces, but they are not you.
It’s better that way.

When I see your smile with my eyes closed,
But then open them,
It’s too hard.
It’s better that way.

I’ll keep going until one day,
My arm stretches out and reaches
Someone smiling back at me.
And it’s good.
And it’s real.
And you are just a thing that happened one time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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