Why Are All These Female Schoolteachers Raping Underage Boys?

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michaeljung / (Shutterstock.com)

It’s seems like there’s a new case every week: A reasonably good-looking teacher between the ages of 25-30 is caught red-handed with her hand down the pants of a teenage boy whose complete arrival at Puberty Station can still be disputed.

Once busted, these women often try to rationalize their crime. They wail, “I did it out of love!” (hoping their “widdle feewings” will prove to be a magic, assuaging circumstance), blame external factors for having somehow removed her agency, and sometimes even try to make it seem like they are the victim.

The media’s treatment of these women is very cushiony compared to cases where the genders are reversed—the violated boys are called “lucky” and the courts are far more lenient when a woman is the perpetrator of a crime like this—#MalePrivilege. I won’t go deeper into this glaring hypocrisy now—instead I will explore a theory on why these cases are so common.

If we want to understand the root cause of these statutory-rape cases we must examine female sexuality closely.

 When these women leave high school and college behind and enter “the real world,” they effectively exit a harem of validation. For a female student, school is a concentrated microcosm of society that facilitates and maximizes her mating strategy. A clear and distinct social hierarchy is already in place the moment she sets foot in the school building, so she doesn’t have to look far to identify the most attractive and popular males and filter out the unworthy ones. The talented football players, the high-status jocks, and the aggressive alpha males are always close by, surrounded by eyelash-fluttering girls.

Female sexual nature dictates a hungry pursuit to snag members of the top 20% of men while struggling to even consider the other 80% as sexual partners. As a result, women spend their teenage years and early twenties basking in the validation of—and slutting it up to—high-value males, desperately wishing to be the lucky girl to be picked by them as a long-term partner. This creates a harem where a majority of the women sleep with/share a small minority of the men. The remaining men, the majority, are either virgins, lie about not being virgins, or are lucky to get an itty-bitty slice of punani after having jumped through endless hoops and spent tons of cash on the same girl who last year was seen was doing anal at a party with a stud she’d met 10 minutes earlier.

Take note here, “nice guy” beta males: Women will rather share an unfaithful alpha male than sleep with your nice, monogamous ass.

I’m digressing.

As these not-so-young-anymore women leave the confines of college and start working at a school, they are met with a colder, much bigger, and far more diluted world—it’s not as easy to identify the losers and the studs anymore, and there is absolutely no guarantee of any high-value males being present in her realm of everyday existence. As if this wasn’t enough, at 27, she doesn’t look 18 anymore. She has gained a lot of weight, wrinkles are beginning to form around her eyes, and she has lost that youthful, fertile glow as a result of binge drinking, doing drugs, and eating fast food throughout her late teens/early twenties. The men that once paid her attention, gave her gifts, and opened doors for her are not even giving her a second look anymore. The “douchebags” and “assholes”—AKA the hot guys that used to fuck and chuck her—are now pursuing young, fresh 19-year-olds and laugh at her when she tries to reignite contact. This creates a jealous, toxic existential crisis within these women, where they feel that all their power is slipping from their hands. They’re losing their looks, the constant validation is waning, their biological clock is ticking, their access to high-value men is diminishing by the second, AND they’re on the flipside of the school environment. They are among the boring, dull teachers in a school system that values femininity and punishes the raw masculine sexiness for which she hankers.

So the female teacher begins to frantically search for a shred of what she once had. She is ready to latch onto anything that even resembles those hot college studs that used to pass her around, but she’s not finding anything. Then one day she suddenly has an epiphany. She realizes (perhaps not consciously, but viscerally) that the closest she can find to the alpha males she savagely craves but who constantly reject her is right in front of her, sitting at a desk doing simple algebra. It’s that cool 14-year-old boy in the math class she teaches. He is good-looking and confident, he gets up to all sorts of mischief in class, and he constantly wins fights with older kids at recess. He is the 14-year-old girl’s dream guy. This little mini-jock suddenly becomes the female teacher’s object of desire—he represents everything she once had—the excitement, the validation, and the raw, unbridled sexual energy. Indeed, this miniature high-value man will not turn her down—she knows that for certain. She can’t wait to see the faces on her little mini-rivals, the 14-year-old girls—who have suddenly become her enemies, just like the girls her own age were when she was in high school—when this boy becomes hers.

Oh boy, the jealous looks on their faces when they find out I was the one who managed to snag this high-status boy, her subconscious ruminates.

And so her seduction begins. She meets no resistance this time, there’s no ignoring of texts, he’s not sleeping around with other women, he’s not laughing at her growing belly—suddenly she is that special princess again. 
He should feel lucky, she thinks to herself as she invites a 14-year-old boy, her own student, over to have sex at her house. She knows it’s wrong but she was starving for a long time and now she can finally feast again—no one will find out.

It’s all fun and games before they’re caught. The women awake from their jealous frenzy, squeal, and throw tantrums saying that it’s not their fault. Hopefully they are sent to jail. The boys may gain some status and get some high-fives from their peers for a couple of years, but when they grow into young men, they will most likely look back and feel disgusted and traumatized at having been preyed upon in the manner that they were. Nobody wins in the end. That’s my theory. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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