NEWSFLASH: Dear Women, Men Don’t Give A Shit About Your Career


I’m only 19 and I hear it all the time: snarky girls bragging about the oh-so-advanced college courses they’re taking, their lofty career aspirations, and how they’re going to be strong and independent women working on Wall Street ten years from now. I can’t do anything but sigh internally and ask why. Why would any woman with a brain want to put herself through years of grueling education and work when she stands hardly anything to gain from it in the end? Why would any woman with an ounce of logic and common sense waste her most valuable years with her nose buried in legal texts or biochemistry books?

Girls, to understand where I’m coming from you need to understand that men and women have very different starting points in life. Biological factors dictate these starting points.

A 19-year-old guy like myself is a nobody to the world. I have no inherent value to society, and if I don’t build value in the coming twenty years or so, I am still an expendable nobody. Until I prove myself to the world, I am trash. A man is his job in our society; his entire identity is built around what he does. If he doesn’t have a job he’s labeled a loser. When was the last time you heard a girl being labeled a loser for not having a job?

When it comes to sex, young men are completely disadvantaged. Procuring sex with attractive women is hard work for guys like me, regular young men without Dave Franco looks or Harry Styles status. I can thank my personal understanding of women’s biology and my manipulation of the system for the lays I’ve had, but I see many of my male peers being virgins into their 20s. Being a virgin in your 20s can cause great stress and depression in young men.

The existence of the young man of the 21st century is, in many aspects, lonely, unstable, and enraging.

On the other hand, a 19-year-old girl is a rock star. She is young, at the height of fertility, and the world is her oyster. A couple of billion people in the world want to sleep with her (that is no exaggeration), and she can get access to sex anytime, anywhere, with virtually whomever she wants. She can live for free, eat for free, travel for free, get into high-profile parties, be propositioned by celebrities, and get offered high-paying, low-effort jobs. The average 19-year-old woman lives the life of The Beatles, Mick Jagger, and George Clooney put together without having to lift a finger to build a career or have a marketable talent.

Young Western women in the 21st century are the most privileged people to have ever walked the Earth. To the outside observer they’re living the high life and taking it for granted.

For me and all other young men in the world, getting an education and shooting for a high-paying job is not an option, it’s a must. I will spend the coming twenty years getting an education, getting a job, and then working my ass off to climb the corporate ladder or perhaps build my own company. Why will I do this? The answer is simple: sex. The more successful I become, the more status and fortune I will gain and thus the greater access I will have to sex with beautiful women. For men, success, status, and fame are extremely important in that it gives us access to the one thing we all want: SEX.

Why do you think men have built and invented 99.9999% of everything in the world? Because they have stood to gain something from it. Everything a man does in his life, he does to maximize the chances of having sex with as many women of high genetic quality as possible. Some men won’t admit this to themselves; they might give other reasons for why they desire self-improvement, fame, and fortune, but the biological subconscious is always the real driving force.

When choosing to pursue a career, women make a great mistake.

They solipsistically project what they find attractive in men onto their idea of what men find attractive in women. They believe that becoming a strong, independent doctor will make them more attractive to men because they find strong, independent doctors to be total dreamboats. The brutal (or comforting) truth, however, is that men don’t give a shit about your career or how successful you are. Men don’t give a shit whether you work at McDonald’s or on Wall Street, if you’re unknown or famous, as long as you’re pretty and feminine. That’s the bottom line.

Since women are attracted to men with power such as presidents and senators, they believe that men are attracted to the same thing. By their logic, Hillary Clinton would be more attractive to men because of her political career. This is, of course, bullshit. Hillary Clinton is just as unattractive with power as she would be without. I would much rather get with Clinton when she was 19 and unknown than now. But gals, ask yourself: Would you rather get with Bill Gates now or when he was 19 and unknown?

Girls, being successful will give you nothing. By the time you attain success you will be a dried-up 35-year-old and all your real power will have gone down the drain. Men your own age will go for the 19-year-old spring flowers and won’t give your withered petals as much as a glance. You will be terribly alone and barren with only a college major to show for it.

You’re better off locking down a successful man in your early 20s and starting a family while you’re young and valuable than busting your ass in an office to no avail. And if you really thirst so much for knowledge about law or economics, study it when your kids have left the nest. The only real work you should be doing in your youth is keeping your butt firm at the gym and fighting to stay pretty for as long as you can.

The female role in nature is to give birth to offspring. Now, you may harp on and on about equality and being independent and strong and career-minded, but that fact still remains. If you choose not to fulfill that role or you run out of time simply because you’ve been busy reading about the patriarchy in Women’s Studies or climbing to the top of the human-resources ladder in some shitty corporation, you’ve squandered your gift and you’ve become as expendable as a man.

As for ugly girls, you’re pretty much screwed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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