Do You Want To Fuck Women? Then Don’t “Just Be Yourself”

Sergey Mironov /
Sergey Mironov /

You’ve all had that conversation with a female close to you whom you (hopefully) don’t want to fuck (your sister or your mom). You know the one. Little Mary has just turned down your offer to go see Catching Fire (or whatever pussy-ass movie you invited her to) with you, and you come home crying, “Boo-hoo mommy I can’t get a giwl to wike me.” You also know that 99 point 9999 percent of the time she’s going to give you this little fetid nugget of wisdom: “Just be yourself, Timmy, and the right girl will come along soon enough,” and if you’re an especially sad fuck, she’ll add, “and move out, you’re 27 years old.”

Want to know why she gives you the standard “JBY” (Just Be Yourself) reply? No? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway. She doesn’t fucking WANT you to reproduce. Sure, consciously she wants her little boy to be happy and find a girl, but subconsciously, where deeper forces are at work, she wants only the right kind of men to pass on their genes. Thus she wants you to stay the fuck on the course you’re currently on—you know, the one that is leading you to an evolutionary dead end.

Women are the insidious gatekeepers of the gene pool. They want to keep any subpar genes the fuck out, even if it is those of their own sons and brothers. If your mother really wanted to help you, she’d tell you: “STOP whatever you’re doing right now, it’s obviously not working. Instead, improve yourself, adapt a more masculine and aggressive attitude in order to attract women,” because she knows deep down that this is the only way to get anywhere near Mary’s Raspberry Cave. But can you imagine any woman giving a man this actually useful advice? No—never, because they don’t want any tricksters sneaking past. It wouldn’t happen in a million years. They want only the men who are naturally good with women to procreate. Period.

Another reason why they give you the JBY bullshit is that they’re going by their own experience. You know, because that’s all they have to do—just be themselves, even just show up—and guys will fly at them and offer their dick. They’re unaware of the fact that it is an entirely different ball game for guys.

Never ask women for girl advice. Don’t listen to them if they tell you something. If being yourself isn’t working, fucking CHANGE already. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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