All I Wish For You

It is such a courageous act to wish happiness for those people who hurt you

Wishing success in all of their challenges they are facing, even though you won’t be able to share those experiences together

Wishing luck whenever they are starting their new journey, even though you also hoped that you could be there from the starting point of their journey

Wishing them the happiness they deserve, even though you also wished that you were part of it, but they pushed you away

All I wish for myself is that I won’t be distraught and discouraged after everything

All I wish for myself is that I will learn how to love myself

All I wish for myself is that I will stand up despite all the odds

All I wish for myself is that I will be the person who I am supposed to be

All I wish for you and I is that we’ll be happy enough in the paths we chose to take

All I wish for you and I is that we will still keep wishing for each other’s happiness, despite not knowing where we are and what we do

I hope that the decision we made brings us toward the answers to our questions, the solutions to our problems

I hope you won’t regret the decision you made for achieving those things that make you happy

I hope your happiness is not defined by what others think, not distracted by their own idea of happiness

I hope your happiness will finally complete you and it will last until the very last moment of your life

I hope the happiness doesn’t destroy you

I hope you find peace amongst the things, the places, or the people that makes you happy—but I also hope that you will find happiness within you

All I wish is for your happiness as much as I wish for mine Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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