When Love Finds You, You Find Yourself

Unsplash / William Stitt

You sometimes forget that you are loved, blessed, and gifted.

You become distracted by other people’s achievements and you feel like you haven’t gone far enough and haven’t gotten close enough to your goals.

You need to be reminded of how great, admirable, and wonderful you are.

You say that you don’t need someone to tell you because you know yourself more than anyone else knows you — but we are all humans who crave acceptance and recognition from other human beings.

That’s how we feel when we are loved.

Everyone has their own favorite, happy places where they want to stay. I am still struggling to figure out where I can find such a place.

But I’m starting to realize that being in your arms is my happy place, my favorite place.

I love hearing you tell me all of the good things about myself, the things that I achieved and the things that I will achieve.

You know what I have been through, you embrace my every flaw, and you always tell me that you will be on my side no matter what happens. It is the best feeling. 

No matter how much we are judged by others, you will always be the most important gift that I have to keep. The treasure that I can hold onto until the very end of my days.

I am getting better and beginning to love myself more because of you. You gave me the life that I’ve always wanted to have, the life that I thought would never exist.

I appreciate you and offer thanks to everything that has happened to me throughout my life, because I wouldn’t have met you without those things. They were meant to happen for a reason — like finding you.

Please stay close. I want to give you a big hug and make you feel like you are loved, too.

I have big goals in life that I want to achieve and I want you to be there when that happens.

I want to grow old with the people I love, not grow old feeling lost. Not anymore. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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