4 Things You Should Never Forget When You’re Young

1. Embrace each day as a second chance.

We often think that chances are given out by people but little do we apprehend that chances begin with and come from within ourselves. Each morning we wake up to is a new beginning to correct yesterday’s wrongs. Every single day we are given a second chance at life and that is something that we should never take for granted. There’s honestly nothing wrong with having a positive outlook on life, it’s a lot better than having a cynical one. But then again, it is one thing to actually apply our positive outlooks on life rather than just fantasizing about them.

2. Follow your intuition but never forget to involve your heart.

Yes, it is important to think practically and be realistic as often as possible, but if you think of the latter, happiness begins with self-fulfillment and something that you are profoundly passionate about. Let’s say you’re contemplating on a course to choose for college, most of us would go for something where we could see ourselves financially content with in the future but do we ever think or ask ourselves, “What will happen if we have everything we want materialistically, will it really be enough?” Life will become happy for us if we find happiness in what we do.

3. A broken heart will always make you stronger.

Broken hearts are inevitable during our teenage years. I’ve had mine broken a few times already and sometimes it hurts like a bitch but as cliché as it sounds, life does go on and everything will end up okay. I personally don’t believe in destiny, but I believe that if something isn’t meant for you then you just have to accept it and move forward. The only thing you can do is embrace the lessons from those previous relationships and actually apply them to the next one you get into. Besides, relationships during our youth aren’t really something we should prioritize. From what I’ve experienced, it’s best to never dive into something head first if you aren’t ready for the consequences. It’s okay to live in the moment as long as you use your common sense at the same time and you certainly shouldn’t waste your time on people who could give less of a shit about you or how you feel.

4. It’s your life, you have every right to be happy.

Often, being a teenager can suck and there are numerous instances wherein you just want to fast forward and grow up already or escape the everyday trials but little do we realize that being young is such a beautiful thing. Forget about the people who pull you down, laugh off those foolish decisions you made one night when you got drunk, go on spontaneous trips with your friends, get grounded once in a while, don’t punish yourself if you fail a test in school, love your parents or the people who support you every day because sometimes we can be completely oblivious to their efforts even if they mean well. Do whatever makes you happy, because in the end that is all that’s going to matter. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Spencer Finnley

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