For The People We Aren’t Ready To Say Goodbye To


We have all experienced the sharp pain of a pre-mature goodbye.

While most relationships we hold throughout our lives organically ebb and flow there are some that seem to be yanked away from us before we are ready to relinquish them. These people are often the most special bonds we have had or the most inspirational energy we have encountered.

Whether it’s of their own accord or an outside influence they are extracted from our lives just as suddenly as they entered and oftentimes it’s a difficult reality to accept. We aren’t ready, we don’t understand or we feel sadness because the loss is sudden and the person is meaningful.

Many times we deny the reality of their departure. We fight it, we argue with it, or we try to convince it otherwise.

But the reality is that most people we encounter throughout our lives and amidst our friendships won’t and aren’t meant to last forever.

Our lives are fleeting like shooting stars. So if you find that your life has melded with someone who you hold closely, then it should be counted as a blessing that your paths aligned for as long as they did.

People come and go-especially as you grow older, and the more we hold this truth as a positive one instead of one to be mourned, the more we will find ourselves living every day fully in the moment appreciating the current relationships we hold.

Precious connections will last a lifetime, long after that person has gone from your life. So instead of rueing their departure or pleading them to stay-be thankful for who they could be to you, for as long as they could be. Use each person as a lesson to learn from, a chapter in the book of your life, and a stepping stone to progress you to the next part.

Valuable people will leave an unforgettable influence on your life.

So next time you find yourself being left by someone you weren’t ready to give up just quite yet, remember that no matter the reason for their departure, to be thankful for them. Be grateful for who they were to you and how they influenced you.

It’s okay to feel sad about loss, especially from people close to us, but if we can rise above the pain we enable ourselves to feel the warmth in meaningful connections and profound influence that we are able to carry with us forever–one we will never have to say goodbye to.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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