I’m Not Sorry For Being Basic

I changed my major three times. My friends and I have deep, temporary existential crises over hard cider on Wednesday nights. I wear Northface jackets to walk to the corner coffee shop, as if I’m ready for an adventure to arise at any moment. Like maybe, if I wear the brand proudly enough, 8th street of Holland Michigan may erupt into a wild adventure, worthy of name brand hiking gear and over priced backpacks.

I “found” myself when I studied abroad, and I’m lusting after the idea of a gap year, to “explore my options” and find out where my “passions lie” I stay up musing at my laptop, writing about topics that everyone has already thought about, and sometimes Taylor Swift really does just “get me”. And all of these things, written down, make me cringe. Clichés. Basic. But here’s the thing. They’re my truth. And I think it’ time to stop obsessing over how they sound.

Aren’t clichés a thing because…gasp they might be relatable? We often try so hard to avoid being ordinary, overdone- but aren’t ordinary and overdone things actually only ordinary and overdone because they work? They might just be things that make us happy. Or maybe, issues that actually do elicit similar thoughts and revelations in many of us.

Wouldn’t we all feel as if we’ve been renewed if we spent time in another country? Haven’t we all struggled to find a path for the future? So why does it make us squirm to say these things out loud? Why do we roll our eyes when we find ourselves struggling to justify our stock phrases and feelings? Sometimes we just insist on being arrogant enough to hold onto our state of “different”.

Or what about material things? Why do we feel the need to justify our Northface jackets or Apple products? Sorry, but I’ve officially run out excuses for why I feel the need to consider that adorable fleece jacket. I just want it. And you might too. And that, my united basic friends, is perfectly fine to admit.

It’s like we hate to let ourselves enjoy anything. The number of conversations I’ve had that are littered with the phrase “sorry I’m so typical” is sad. Typical is a perfectly fine thing to be. Let’s embrace it. Everyone, and really mean everyone, has something that makes them stand out. But no one stands out with everything. Its time we stop depriving ourselves for the sake of different. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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