33 Signs You Were A Theater Kid In High School

Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous
Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous

1. That “er” instead of “re” ending in the title of this article gave you chills.

2. Your first kiss ever, was in rehearsal, in front of at least one of your teachers.

3. You had a crush on at least one of your theater teachers (or all of them, depending).

4. You remember periods of time in high school by what show you were doing. “Oh, sure that would have been during Music Man so I guess junior year?”

5. You had a set of “set decorating” clothes that you’d intentionally splatter paint on.

6. You never understood how some people were home from school before 6pm.

7. You gave up study hall to go hang out in the theater department.

8. Or you skipped class to go hang out in the theater department.

9. You would NEVER say the name of “the Scottish play” in any theater.

10. You weren’t super interested in going to a high school reunion but if they had a theater reunion you’d organize it.

11. You had to learn at least one accent different from your own and you still think you can do it well (I learned Irish).

12. You had to take some sort of dance class but weren’t necessarily a “dancer.”

13. You had a name for the theater kids at your school.

14. You had to sell tickets at at least one show.

15. You are very familiar with folding programs.

16. Anytime any show comes up you still reference when you did it in high school.

17. You have all your marked scripts on your bookshelf to this day.

18. You describe people by what roles they played in high school “well, she was The Witch in Into the Woods so obviously she was an amazing singer.”

19. You still remember that one moment doing an improv warmup where you and your partner just CLICKED and you reminisce about it to this day.

20. You had a spot everyone went to for after-show parties (Friendly’s).

22. You know the theater kids can get wilder than the jock kids.

22. You’ve cried at school because you got a part.

23. You’ve cried at school because you didn’t get a part.

24. You’ve cried at school because a show was ending.

25. You knew all the cool hiding spots in the auditorium.

26. You didn’t mind changing in front of a bunch of people…as long as it was other theater kids.

27. You know how awkward it is when show-mances go sour.

28. You’ve heard 800000000000 girls sing “On My Own” at auditions.

29. You were called a drama queen at least once but probably all the time.

30. You know the pain of having a hot guy cast in a show with you and maybe now he’ll date you and then he has to drop out for a sport.

31. You knew the yearbook staff didn’t REALLY care about getting everything right about the shows and said you “worked security” when really you were the Stage Manager, thank you very much.

32. You always knew kids who were auditioning for community productions or majoring in acting in college.

33. They’re still some of your best friends and you wouldn’t have survived high school without your other theater kids. TC Mark

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