40 Emojis For L.A. Girls


Don’t believe other lists of emojis we need. This is the Definitive List of Emojis For L.A. Girls. (But I’m sure other people would get a ton of use out of these as well) Come on, emojis!

1. Unicorn

2. Peace sign

3. Yin yang

4. Taco

5. Iced coffee

6. Heart sunglasses

7. Hungover face

8. Every pair of shoes each person owns
As in, each individual person who has this app. Sometimes you need to ask your friends for shoe pairing advice

9. Ryan Gosling

10. Every kind of doctor you could ever go to

11. Generic celeb face
As in “I’m sort of dating _______[insert generic celeb face to indicate the person mentioned is Kind Of A Big Deal]”

12. Del Taco

13. Uber

14. Lyft

15. Every character from Girls
As in “you’re being such a Shoshanna”

16. Green juice

17. Runyon

18. Then a hike that isn’t at Runyon because sometimes you don’t want to overhear about everyone’s script deals

19. Coachella

20. Comedy show

21. Band
As in “he’s in a band” or “I’m going to see this super cool band tonight”

22. Vegas

23. Vegan?
As in, “Is it Vegan?”

24. GF?
As in, “Is it gluten free?”

25. egg whites
As in “Can I have that with egg whites?”

26. Arclight

27. Yoga

28. Soulcycle

29. Cardio barre

30. Need to lose 5 lbs
As in, “I need to lose 5 pounds so I can’t eat”

31. Brunch

32. Light sweater
As in “I’m bringing a light sweater for later”

33. Cutoffs

34. Audition

35. Valet?
As in, “Are you going to valet?”

36. Kardashian

37. Palm Springs

38. Mexico

39. Hollywood Bowl

40. Red carpet – as in “I have to get there early to walk the red carpet” TC Mark

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