8 Tattoos You Should Have Gotten In the 90s

The Adventures of Pete & Pete - Season 1
The Adventures of Pete & Pete – Season 1

I was 5-15 throughout the decade of the 1990’s and am a true product of that decade. I still love any and all neon things (accessories and clothing), I’m a huge fan of stickers and I will talk to you for hours about Saved by the Bell. I desperately wanted to be a cool Gen X-er in the 90’s but there are a few reasons why I’m glad that never happened. (One reason is I would have definitely gotten an Elka from Real World: Boston style eyebrow ring. Luckily I just got a standard belly button ring when I turned 18.)

Here are 8 tattoos I would have gotten in the 90s had I been allowed. (And am thankful I wasn’t allowed).

1. A Rachel Green Heart On Your Hip

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RDw_4wLNxE&w=584&h=390]In the Friends episode “The One Where Joey Moves Out” Rachel and Phoebe go to get tattoos. Phoebe was going to get a Lily for her mom’s name but chickens out and gets “the whole world” aka a pinprick from the needle instead. But Rachel gets a heart on her hip.

Rachel was one of my many idols during the 90s and I wanted to do everything she did. She is why I wore overalls with both side unbuckled and a giant sweatshirt to school in 7th grade. Now, full disclosure I do have a heart tattoo very similar to hers but mine is on my arm so it’s totally different.

2. A Smiley Face/Peace Sign/Yin Yang/Daisy/Ankh

How many times did I sign notes to my friends with a smiley face, peace sign and yin yang? MANY TIMES, GUYS. I had numerous necklaces with these symbols on them and I’m glad no one thought tattooing an 11-year-old was a good idea because I definitely would have gone under the needle for the whole lot of them! Gotta catch ‘em all, right?

3. Any Lyric From RENT

Seriously. It could be “525,600 minutes” or “light my candle” or “another day” or just “La Vie Boheme.” I mean, it goes on and on. Or you could get a block quote on your side or something. So jealous.

4. Any Cartoon Character

I mean, really, it could have been Bart Simpson or one of the Rugrats or Taz (who I had an AWESOME tee shirt of in 7th grade). Probably I would have gone a Daria route. Or you could Beavis and Butthead or Ren and Stimpy. The list goes on and on. Maybe Tweety Bird on your ankle if you’re feeling dainty.

Actually, scratch that, I would have gone the Allison in the first season of Road Rules route and gotten a Kermit the Frog tattoo on my stomach. For sure.

5. Petunia From The Adventures of Pete & Pete

I mean, don’t give a character our age a tattoo if you don’t want us to covet it, Everyone!

I’m no Little Pete but I definitely loved Petunia and would have killed to have been able to make her dance on my arm.

6. A Troll Doll

It’s not a troll doll tattoo if you can’t see the jewel in its belly (that’s an old and very familiar saying, guys).

As someone whose mom’s basement still houses her troll collection let me say…it’s worth nothing. But at least if it had been a tattoo you’d have it forever!

7. An ALF POG Tattoo

I write in my reward for a lost Moleskine as “1 ALF POG” because of the “Bart Sells His Soul” episode of The Simpsons. I loved POGs (still have my collection in a binder) and LOVED The Simpsons so this would have been PERFECT for me.

8. The X-Files The Truth Is Out There

Come on, the giant X in the wiggly font combined with those words? Epic tattoo. It would have fit right in with all my other 90s tattoos covering my body.

Or you could get these now I guess! Yay for being adults! TC Mark

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