How Magic Happens When You Travel

It is a fact that most of us will stay in one place for the rest of our lives. Some of us never leave the town we grew up in nor are we really exposed to a diverse community. What happens then is that the world is small to you and you are isolated and sheltered. You are limited in what you can experience. There is only that one spot in the entire world with the collection of all your memories and life experiences. Sometimes those memories are heartbreaking or hurtful, sometimes there’s so much stress you just want to get away from it all and sometimes you just want a different perspective on things. This is where I come in and say to you, “Let’s experience the magic of traveling!”

When you travel, you can create deep and moving memories all over the world that will last you forever. You even get to meet other people that you otherwise wouldn’t – people with different cultures and beliefs. I’m telling you, it’s so exciting to get to know someone for the first time! When you travel, the world opens to you. It changes something in you — you grow, you are challenged, and you get to discover the other numerous things life can offer.

Travelling is also a form of self-discovery and self-love. There are moments in our lives where we can be stuck in the rut or sick of our everyday routine. We crave for something thrilling and a change in environment. In these moments, we owe it to ourselves to go somewhere new and do something new. Life was not meant to be repetitive and dull. We only get one shot to have this time, this chance, this life, shouldn’t we explore it? Not only do we discover a new place when we do, we also unlock parts of us that we never really know till we’re put in that unfamiliar situation and environment. We see how creative we can get, it sharpens our mind and one’s social and communication skills are improved.

It’s true that to travel isn’t exactly the easiest endeavor. You take yourself out from your comfort zone and to an unknown land; to a land where you’ve only seen in movies, read in books or only dreamt of going. You may also find yourself not able to speak the language nor do you know anyone there at all. Where do you even start to plan it or to save up for it? It takes courage, discipline, and love for yourself to take that step towards the clouds or farther than you’ve ever been on land. I encourage you to take that leap, for great things lie ahead in your grand adventure. It’s something you will never regret nor forget. You only live once, so why don’t you savor and enjoy all the numerous places and experiences it can offer you. When you come back, you are never the same person; you are more experienced, renewed and it’s exactly what Helen Wolkowicz once said, “Sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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