Why I Will Always Choose To Love With All My Heart

CMDR Shane / Unsplash

Love is such a delicate thing. It takes on different forms and changes over time. There is familial love that takes place with the people who gave you life and raised you in this world. They are people you grew up with, discovered the world with and lived the world with. They showed you the first glimpse of true love – unconditional. Your mom showed unconditional love as she nurtured you inside her for nine months and continued to do so when you came out and became a family. Your father showed you the same as he works hard every day to provide you with all that you need and your heart desires. He showed you what sacrifice looked like. Your siblings showed you what it looks like to have the closest and purest form of friendship. You don’t always agree on things, there is never a shortage of misunderstandings and disagreements but at the end of the day, you love them. With familial love, love unconditionally.

Friendship is another form that love takes on. As you go through life, you meet people who you form connections with based on similar interests, shared experiences, and lifelong bonds. If you’re lucky enough, you will have each other’s back through thick and thin, no matter the distance or time that has passed in between. In these friendships, no matter the circumstance that stands in between, choose to love and care for them. You do this by making time to nurture it, by reaching out to catch up, and by saying “I love you. I’m here for you.” Let them know even if life gets in the way, you appreciate them, they matter and all the things you’ve shared together will always be special. With friendship, say “I love you and I appreciate you”.

One’s passions in life is another form of love and can either be in the spotlight or neglected to the side. This is one arena in our life that needs to be loved and given our all but oftentimes we are riddled with fear of failure, unwilling to take the first step, scared without even trying or the worst, haven’t even given it a chance by exploring what it is and just abiding by society’s pressure to pursue a job that can pay the bills. How wonderful would life be if only we all took the time to go out there and see what’s in store for us? To take our time to know who we are and when we do, take every ounce of courage and strength in us to go and pursue it. When you’re in it – the school program your heart desires, built the foundation of your business, start your first day in a job you want and deserve, the best kind of success can only come out of it. With your passion, consistently work hard and love it.

The last form of love we all look for and desire, a bond with a life partner. As humans, we desire and flourish in the relationships we have yet we are rarely openly vulnerable and ready to share parts of ourselves with someone. Several factors come into play like past heartbreaks, betrayal, consistent dissolution of relationships – familial, friendship and romantic or simply because one is afraid. I’ll let you in on a secret when you find someone you are compatible with, someone who just feels like the right fit, there is absolutely zero regrets when you jump and take a leap of faith to be with that person. To love and to give it your all when it feels like that, whether it ends up being the one or a lesson, there will be no regrets. Be vulnerable and love with all your heart, the partnership you share with that person can only end up being one of the most beautiful things in your life. So, jump and take the leap. With your life partner, take the risk and love with no reservations.

You must remember, you will be strong for radiating love; not everyone can do that. If you don’t love and give your all on things that matter to you, what is the point? Let’s not live half-lives. Let’s live the fullest by loving with all our heart in everything we do and every relationship we have.

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