The 5 Stages Of Falling In Love With Someone

 Twenty20 masharotari
Twenty20 masharotari

1. Become their friend. Be there for the heart breaks, the late night calls filled with tears. Love them in a different way. Love them with no intention. Love them like a sister, love them like a brother. Know their deepest secrets, keep them safe. Be there. Have inside jokes. Make a solid base before you build higher.

2. Notice them. Watch them when they walk. Watch their eyes when they talk to you about something they love. Watch the sparkle that fills them. Notice the little things. Notice the nervous ticks. How they laugh a little too loud when they’re nervous or how they sway side to side when they are uncomfortable. Notice the soft smiles and the little giggles. Notice them when they are upset and when they are happy. Notice them and I promise you that you will fall in love.

3. You won’t notice it at first. You’ll hear a joke that you think he’ll like and then you’ll see a movie that she would totally enjoy. You won’t think about it at all. And then you’ll see the color of his eyes and be taken back to the first time you properly got a look at them knowing full well that you could stare at them forever and ever. Or you’ll hear her name said and your mind will be brought to her face, or how his cologne will be sprayed and the thought of his warm sweatshirt makes you feel all gooey inside. And before you know it, you are fully consumed with the thought of them and who they are and then you realize that they are your thoughts.

4. There will come a point where all you want is them. Every time you will begin to choose them over everyone. Your friends, your family,everyone. You’ll hear the complaints about it. “You spend more time with them than me, than us” But how can you explain to them, that when you are near them, your whole world seems so right, and when you are apart, it seems to have fallen down on you, spinning, unsteady. That when you hear their voice the whole world literally rights it self up and even though you hear the words of criticism, it’s all worth it when you are in their arms.

5. Now here is the final stage. When you know if you are truly in the love you believe. Ask yourself: Do they course through your veins? Can you honestly tell yourself that they are the one? Do you flinch at the way they kiss you? And when you are done questioning yourself, throw them all away because love is not something that is completely practical, it is impractical, messy, hard, tough and amazing. And if you think you are in love then you are; for that is what love is. Love is what you think it is and you are the only one who can define it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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