10 People Talk About The One Stupid Financial Decision They Wish They Never Made



“Taking extra money out on my student loans in college so I’d have extra money to upgrade my apartment with nice furniture and pay 4 months of rent at a time. At the time it was great but now I wish I would have just worked an extra job in college and not worried about having a nice couch or whatever because now I’m paying it all back and it sucks.” – John, 27.


“My over the top wedding. My husband and I just wanted to elope but his mother insisted we needed to start our marriage off right by having an expensive wedding. Even though she wasn’t helping pay for much she insisted we have the best of the best at both the wedding and reception and we’re still in debt and paying it off three years later.” – Kaitlyn, 31.


“Being irresponsible with money between 18-22. I took out a lot of credit cards and extra student loans and buying things I don’t even remember what they were now.” – Larissa, 25.


“My wardrobe. It’s beautiful and I have pretty much anything I could want but I paid for it all with my credit cards and I hate having to make that minimum payment every month when I could use that for savings or paying off my car.” – Elisa, 32.


“Sometimes I regret spending so much money on traveling in my early 20s. It was fun and a great experience but I wish I would have used the money for traveling for my savings. I could have bought a house by now.” – Craig, 27.


“I regret going to college. I’m paying off $60,000 in loans but I’m only making $35,000 a year. Don’t get me wrong, that’s an alright salary where I live and I have enough to pay my bill, but I don’t have enough to save for anything. I saw a job ad at Planet Fitness for a $36,000 a year salary and I just thought, why the hell did I even bother going to college? I could work as a manager at a gym and make more. Ridiculous.” – Kevin, 30. 


“When I was 19 I dated an older man who was in his late 30s and he suggested we take a private student loan out together “for my education” but he ended up using most of the money to get a new washer and dryer, new furniture, shopping, etc. We broke up 2 years after that loan was taken out and he hasn’t ever paid a dime on it. I have to pay on this stupid mistake I made when I was so young, that I didn’t have any grasp of what I was really doing, and now the loan (because of interest) is up to like, $40,000. Of course, the debt collectors don’t go after him. Only me.” – Rebecca, 26. 


“I switched careers and went from a high paying salary at a company I hated to a job in a field I enjoy more but for less pay. Overall, I guess I am happier, but now I can’t afford the same things I used to and it’s starting to have an effect on the relationship with my life.” – Robert, 33. 


“My honeymoon was probably the worst financial decision of the past 5 years. We went all out and stayed at one of the best suites in Hawaii, charged it all to our credit cards. We had an amazing time but we’re still paying that trip off.” – Becca, 28. 


“Breaking up with my ex. She made a lot of money and if I would have stayed with her she probably would have paid for whatever I wanted. I broke up with her so I could get with a younger girl I had a crush on next door. I regret the decision now when I see pics of my ex traveling in exotic locations. That could have been me.” – Eric, 31. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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