13 Reasons Short Guys Are The Sexiest Men Alive

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1. There’s something to be said about men who can just reach your nipples. ;)

2. Short guys have tons of confidence and I think we can all agree confidence is one of the sexiest things a person can have.

3. Their t-shirts and sweaters probably aren’t that much bigger on you giving you full access to tons of cozy new clothing items.

4. Robert Downey Jr.  Zac Efron. Yum, yum, and yum.

5. Shopping for them is way cheaper since they probably don’t mind wearing some things from the boys department. (Okay, when a short guy I dated told me he shopped in the little boys department I definitely threw up in my mouth a little at first but tbh, if I could fit into some of the cuteness Target’s girl’s section has I’d be all about that life).

6. You don’t have to stand up on your tippy toes to kiss them. Their face is closer to yours meaning more kisses more often.

7. Standing next to them in heels you get to feel like a supermodel or at the very least you can pretend you’re Jennifer Lawrence standing next to Josh Hutcherson.

8. Short guys have the best cuddles. This has been proven by science, probably.

9. They have a great sense of humor. They’ve been teased their whole lives for being vertically challenged and have learned how to take a joke.

10. Hispanic men – hello!

11. They’re just as if not more talented in the sack than tall guys. Women typically overlook short men so they learn to make up for their height in other ways. Like with your vagina.

12. There are tons of them! Since many women prefer taller men that means there’s an abundance of hot, single, short guys.

13. When you hug them or hold them close your hearts align making you melt into a puddle of adorableness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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