A Few Things About Ending It With A Guy Who’s Really Good At Sex


He’s probably not as good as you’re remembering

Are you sure he’s really that good? Or do you think he’s that good because you want him to be that good. Women are cheerleaders for the people we love, we want to see the best in them and sometimes we forget that we’ve built them up in our heads because to us, they really are that great. But this is a promise you don’t have to keep when you’re not committed to someone. When there’s no ring involved, you haven’t promised to not consider his faults and whether they stack up higher than the amount of joy he brings you.

I dated a man who was bald and I thought he was the sexiest man in the world while we were together and for years I kept telling people I thought bald men were sexy until one day I realized… I don’t? The whole thing had been manufactured in my brain because I liked him so much that I liked everything about him. But not you’re free from that, try to have a critical eye again, remember reality — not what you want to be true.

Sex is so, so, so replaceable

Remember that sex is the easy part. Good sex is what every other guy on the face of the planet is eager and willing to give you. Everything else in love and relationships is harder than sex. Sex is beating level 1 of Super Mario World.

I say this as someone who has met guys who are bad at sex, at least here is an area where they want to try. If you can’t get him to work on sex, you have no business pursing a relationship with him at all. He’s not a good investment, he’s not worth what you’re going to put into him.

Getting yourself off is easy

Towards the end of your relationship, did you feel a little bit like he was a sex toy and not a boyfriend? Sure, he can get you off really well, but what else? If he doesn’t bring an emotional intensity to the table (and not just because you feel strongly for him) he’s replaceable by something you can order on Amazon Prime.

Find some porn that works for you and order a new toy and a nice bottle of wine. You’re not missing out on anything.

What you can’t replace is human love, and he’s not giving you that anyway. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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