11 True Scary Stories To Read In The Dark Tonight

John O'Nolan
John O’Nolan

The bros over at Bodybuilding.com decided to share their creepiest stories:

Ghosts are real

“One time, like a year ago, Im going about my day and I find a picture in my phone taken from my bed which I don’t remember taking. So Im like hmmmm, so I get this app which tells me what time the pic was taken, 9:47 pm. Thing is, I was dead asleep at that time, my sister was at a friends, and the only person in house was my mom (who didn’t know my passcode). I found the photo couldn’t have been taken from where I was laying, it was taken from the foot of my bed. I still don’t know if I somehow did that while I was sleeping but Ive never done anything like that before.

One time I was chilling upstairs, Im like 12-13 at the time, and my mom, grandma, and sister are downstairs. Its like 4 pm I think and Im playing this game called Call of Combat (this is back in 07-08, gamer life lol). Anyway, I’m chilling, and my mom is like “Yo what do u want”. And I’m like “what I didn’t call for u guys” and according to them, they heard me call them multiple times from exactly from where i was sitting. I didn’t say a word, nor did I hear a word. The voice was literally coming from right next to where I was sitting and sounded exactly like me even though it wasn’t me.

**** gets creepier.

I tell this scary story to my friend and he’s like “nah, ur fucking with me”. and i’m like “wat.”

According to him, in his house, (which is way more haunted), he woke up one night to his dad calling him from downstairs. Its like 10 pm and everyones sleeping. Voice says “Hey, Wayne, come”. He goes downstairs, sees a figure move into dining room. He follows, no one there. Goes back upstairs to parents’ room, his dad’s asleep.

Scary as fuck cuz.

Another time he and all his friends in room and something grabbed the curtain and pulled it above one of my friend’s heads (he’s an Atheist) and even he cant explain what did that. A few weeks later Wayne’s brother saw red eyes looking at him and a figure smiling.

Ghosts are real, and there are good and bad ones (the one in my house is good/harmless, the one in my friend’s house is evil).” — SonOfAesthetics

Little girl ghost

“Got home from the gym last year around 5pm. Was alone in the house that I shared with two other MALES.

I usually grab a shake and start eating my Post workout meal while watching tv. I decided to get some milk before doing all this so go into the fridge and have the door open drinking from the jug. All I can hear is me chugging away until to my right behind the open door I hear the chuckle of a little girl and the drop of a ball bouncing down the hallway.

I instantly froze knowing no one was home. Slowly shut the door of the fridge and investigate the house. No one in the house at all.

Later on that year I was dating a girl who apparently could see spirits and ghosts. She froze one night in the bedroom after entering.I asked what was wrong and she said nothing proceeding to laugh and joke before we got it on. That very night in the same room I was having a nightmare.

The nightmare was me laying in the kitchen (dont ask why the mind creates some weird ****) on the bed I was physically laying on saying good night to the girl I was with and going to sleep. I woke up in that nightmare (still dreaming at this point) to sleep paralysis and being choked.

After being choked and not being able to speak I began to shout without a sound coming out. Something was pulling me upwards above the bed in the kitchen before dropping me from the ceiling.

I woke up (in real life) to being dropped on my bed from at least a meter, gasping for air. The girl I was with freaked out on me and just held me until I stopped freaking out.

She had a shower in the morning and later that day told me what she saw.

A little girl around 6 with black hair and red bowties in her pigtails carrying a ball and wanting to play.

Only thing is…. She had half a face, a cut throat and ripped clothing. She was just smiling all the time.

Ive been haunted ever since with strange voices and whispers at night. I wake up every night at 3am to something stroking my face.” — ELAGLLAT

The creature

“A few years back I remember coming home late from work one evening. I was really tired and just went straight to the couch and watched some TV. It was very late and my eye lids got increasingly heavy. I turned off the TV and distinctly remember all the sleep mode lights on the various electronics that are hooked up to the TV. I also distinctly remember the way the street light was shining through the blinds a bit.

I closed my eyes for what seemed like a few seconds and when I opened them everything was exactly the same. I tried to move to get into a more comfortable position, but noticed that I could not move and I instantly freaked out. My heart was pounding as I tried moving every part of my body, but couldn’t. I tried to scream and yell for help, but nothing would come out. I was terrified and felt helpless, it was a very strange and scary feeling. My mind was racing as I was trying to figure out why I was paralyzed and if this was something permanent or if I needed serious medical attention.

As I was freaking out, I also heard feet pattering in the hallway behind me. I was thinking maybe it was my younger sister. The pattern of the footsteps were consistent with that of a smaller child. I was beginning to feel relief that someone, which I thought was probably my little sister, would come and help me, then at that very moment I realized that my younger sister would have no business being up that late at night and she would have been way too terrified to be walking around in the basement not knowing if anyone was down there without any lights on. I realized that the footsteps were not my sister and became even more terrified and confused by it all.

As I remember, the fear was so overwhelming that I actually think it shocked my body for a moment and it felt like it helped me regain movement in my toes and part of my back. The footsteps were quickly pattering down the hall, literally right behind my head and back down the hall again. As I was panicking, I was able to use the partial movement of my back to scoot to the end of the couch and I fell onto the floor laying on my stomach with my face placed in the direction of the footsteps. I was still unable to move and I began to hear the footsteps coming down the hall again.

I was in a state of disbelief and complete terror as I heard each footstep getting closer and closer down the hallway. Finally, as the footsteps reached the end of the hallway around the corner of the wall I saw what I can only describe as a little bizarre shaped creature, maybe 2.5-3 feet tall, it was under a white sheet so I couldn’t see what it really looked like and it was casually walking down the hallway, it had a strange unsteady gait. The creature then stopped and turned directly towards me and stared at me for a few seconds. It reminded me of a smaller version of E.T when it goes trick or treating in the ghost costume for Halloween. It just looked awkward and not human with a weird flat head, but not knowing what was under the sheet was what made it more scary in its own right.

The creature suddenly jerked its arms up and began waddling with intensity towards my face. I was trying to scream and desperately trying to escape, but I could only lay there motionless and helpless. I really thought I was going to die or at the very least sustain serious and permanent damage. It was simply pure horror and shock. Right as the creature was seemingly about to attack my face I woke up and I was in the exact same spot I was in before. The sleep mode lights and street light beaming into the basement all looked the same. I was so confused and very disturbed. After researching, I found that I was experiencing an episode of sleep paralysis. The dreams are easily mistaken for reality, it’s almost like a hallucination and it was so much different than any dreams I’ve ever had. I will never forget that night and I hope to never experience it again.” — Jcp267

Stranger in the woods

“Was in the woods about 15 minutes before sun down during the winter when i was like 15-16 years old. Had just gotten out of my tree stand with no luck and started heading back to meet my dad at our rendezvous point. We’d hunted all day, 530am-530pm with an hour long break for lunch. Found a blue jean jacket about 20 ft behind my stand that sure as shit wasn’t there when i first got in the stand. Rural area, wouldn’t be surprised if we were the only souls for 20-25 miles around.” — EpinephrineB

That feeling

“I used to be really into all the paranormal stuff when I was younger (11-15 years old). I always researched ghosts, bigfoot, aliens, and all that sort of stuff. Eventually I sort of grew out of it and really just didn’t see how “ghosts” could exist. Totally believed in aliens still though. (thats another short story I’ll tell later).

So fast forward to when I’m 16 years old. I’m in high school and all the stuff I was interested in when I was younger has never crossed my mind in a couple years.

I was in grade 10, so I have to complete 40 hours of community service for my Catholic high school in order to graduate in grade 12. So my best friend and I go to work with his dad who is a Chief Janitor at a school a couple towns over. For the summer we helped his dad just with normal janitor duties, whatever.

The school we worked at for the summer was pretty old, and had two separate buildings. One for the main stuff and one for the drama/art kids.

On the first day when I walked into the lobby I noticed a memorial. It was to my left as I walked in and it had a picture of a male teen, like he had passed away with a bunch of other stuff. It also had information on heart and stroke beside it, with donations. Never really thought anything of it, until I walked further and seen defibrillators on the wall. That was the first time I had ever seen those things on a wall in public, at this school. Still never thought anything of it, thought it was pretty interesting.

The day goes on and I start thinking, dead boy… defibs on the wall…. first time i’ve seen this… — I sort of started to think maybe he had some sort of cardiovascular problem here at school and passed away. (At the school or later at the hospital) — maybe that’s why they have these defibs now?

Eventually my best friends dad (Chief Janitor) tells me to go into the drama building and gather all the recycling bins, clean up, just regular maintenance. “Yeah, cool” I thought.

He guides me to the exit door of the main building that we were in and points out to the drama building. It’s a two story, darkened brick building. It looked very old and sort of creepy. He gives me the keys and casually just tells me to “Lock the doors behind you, I don’t want anyone coming in after you” srs.

That creeped me out a bit, but I guess that was regular safety. So I walk into the drama building, lock the doors behind me and notice all the lights are off. It had a very creepy blue-tinge to the whole inside building, with bits of warm light cutting in through the windows. I was totally fine though. I was not thoroughly spooked at this point, in fact, I thought it was sort of neat being in a school building all alone. I get to work on the bottom level, this is where there was still a warm light coming in through the windows; so it wasn’t completely dark. I finish the bottom level and start to head to the stairs to go to the upper level. I walk up the first flight of stairs, get to the middle platform, do a 180 degree turn to the next flight, and I get my first glimpse of the upper level.

Now, like I was talking about at the start of this story… I completely forgot about the notion of ‘ghosts’ and other paranormal stuff. But when I got the first glimpse of the upper level of this art building; every bad feeling you can think of just hit me.

It was just a dark hall with lockers on each side, for about 100 feet. It got darker as it went back further and there was no ‘warm-light’ here. There was just some cold blue glow coming through the windows that didn’t sit right with me. I started to get goosebumps on the back of my neck and got really cold (srs). I tried to blow it off and started walking up the stairs from the middle platform and it didn’t get ANY better. The feeling got a lot worse. At this point, it felt like someone was watching me, and that was the worst feeling I had in there. I literally did not want to look over my back, I tried to just look straight forward and towards the ground. Thinking about it now, I can’t believe how scared I was, I never EVER been like that before or after this experience.

I get into the first classroom for the recycling boxes and I suddenly hear the blow dryer start in the bathroom next to me. I can’t tell you through this text how fucking scared I got.

I just froze and probably looked like a total ****head. I was sort of chuckling and mumbling to myself “no fucking way that just happened” to sort of calm myself down and bring humor into the situation. It eventually stopped and I continued to just stand there and wait for something else.

About a minute went by and I walked out of the classroom to see the light was on in the bathroom as well. At this point I’m debating whether to drop the boxes I have in my hand and get the FUK out of this building or stay and debunk all this. I try to man up and think of what to do. Feeling embarrassed that I’m even thinking of speaking to whatever just did this I call out “Hello?” Obviously nothing responded. I spoke again, “Hey, is anybody in there?”. Nothing responded.

Eventually, slowly but surely, I walk into the front entrance of the bathroom and see that the dryer is motion detected and the light is also triggered motion detection. I was swearing to myself, telling myself to just get the fuck out of there because I felt like someone was still watching me and did not want me there. In a matter of 5 minutes I sprinted through all the classrooms (about 10) and changed the garbage and gathered all the other stuff. At this point I’m on the other side of where all that shit happened and I make the decision to not go over to where that classroom and bathroom are, I just go down the opposite stairs, unlock the doors and get the fuck out of that building. It then dawned on me, about that kid that had that memorial and all the defibs around the building. Never looked back, and told my best friend who laughed it off.

Never again have I experienced something like that, and I still don’t understand what happened. I’m still on the border of believing in something paranormal, even after that, but maybe I need something else to happen to really secure it. (I hope not) — because that was a shitty feeling.

Some people might blow this story off because of the lack of proof. But I can’t explain the feeling I had in that building. If anyone else experienced this they would understand.” — Kojhab

They ran at me with clubs

“This story happened to my older brother back in about 1996-1997 when we lived in the mountains of North Carolina, about 30 minutes outside of Asheville. The whole ordeal traumatized him pretty badly and after the incident he went to live with his father in California.

My brother was 17 and at a field party one friday night at about 1 am, it was sometime in autumn. Him and his friends had been drinking all night and were running out of beer so my brother’s best friend volunteered to go pick up some more booze so long as they could take someone else’s car. Even though My brothers friend was only 18 at the time he seemed confident he could score some booze so someone lent him their car and my brother went along to the gas station with him, no one really questioning how he was going to get it.

They pulled up to some small 24 hour gas station on the outskirts of town, the closest one to where out partying. When they got to the gas station my brother’s friend tells him to leave the car running and wait in the car while he went inside. A few minutes later my brother’s friend runs out with two 12 packs of beer, jumps in the car and tells my brother to drive. The crazy bastard had just went in and taken the beer and ran out. They sped off trying to get away from the gas station and taking back roads incase the cops were called or if someone from the gas station was following them.

While speeding down the winding mountain back roads at night trying to find their way back to the field party, they took a few wrong turns and got lost. If you guys have never been in the mountains at night just know it’s creepy as phuck, super dark and winding roads with woods all around. It makes you feel very isolated.

They end up at a dead end down some dirt road in the middle of damn nowhere at like 2 in the morning so they turn around and sit for a minute trying to calm down and remember how to get back to where they’re going. While they were sitting, out of the woods about 10 or so haggard, dirty hillbillies start running out of the pitch black woods towards them with clubs and start screaming and beating on the car and trying to pull them out. While the car is getting beat on about 3 other hillbillies try and drag a huge log across the road to trap them in. My brother floored the gas pedal, hit one of the hillbillies and smashed part of the car into the log in the road and just kept driving while they chased after him waving their clubs.

Eventually he made it back to the party, scared chitless and having to explain to the dude who’s car they borrowed why his car was dented the phuck up and the windshield cracked to hell.

He never partied out in country again after that and wouldn’t drive down back roads at night. Shortly after he moved to california and put the whole thing behind him. The way he described the scene seemed like something out of resident evil 4 or something. My brother is the most honest man I know so I dont doubt the story one bit, especially because I remember him telling my family about it when it happened and now, almost 20 years later he still sticks to his story 100%.

I believe they must have wandered up on some hillbilly meth shack out in the woods or maybe some weird hill billy cultists. Believe it or not but their are weird satanic cults that live out in the wilderness and mountains.” — Gynosaur

The hotel that wasn’t

“GF and I went to Kelowna last summer for a couple days. Busy time of the year so we booked at this divey hotel, figuring we wouldn’t spend much time there anyway it wouldn’t really matter. Show up and the place is a dump, but w/e it’s a place to sleep we settle in. We go out for dinner and drinks w/e come back and it’s pretty late 2/3 AM, we go to the main lobby entrance but the door is locked and there is no one in the lobby. We walk around looking for another entrance and find a door you can open with your room key (real key not a swipe card) we go through that door and find that the lobby is completely locked and there’s no one there, but we got to our room and went to bed.

The next day we got out to the lake for the day, and notice two older men taking pictures of us, or our general area at least, but we think nothing of it. Go out for dinner again, back to the hotel. We decide to munch out on some shrooms and have a night in the hotel. We hangout start to feel the trip and decide to go to the car to smoke a little something. We get in the car, smoke up and are having a cigarette trip in full effect now, loving life. Near the end of our cigarette a white pickup truck pulls up behind me double parking me and blocking me in, four probably 40 year old guys get out, one has a tire iron, one has a golf club, etc and are approaching the car. Wanting to drive away but being trapped I ask my gf wtf is happening thinking i might just be bugging, it becomes apparent it’s real and we can’t just sit there. two guys come to either side of the car and squat, just staring. We know we can’t say so we get our stuff and get ready to go, fully prepared to run for our lives. We get out and they just stare and smile eerily. We quickly move towards the lobby and see a smoking area trying to calm our nerves we pull out a couple more smokes for before we go in, but the smoke area looks like its crackheads hanging out there. so we decide to have a smoke in the main area in front of the lobby. We light our smokes and i notice the lobby receptionists are both staring at us. We go inside back to our room freaked out we try to make the best of the night.

Then we start to notice little things, our window didn’t lock properly, we were a ground level room, we had no chain or door over lock only a cut key, we had an adjoining door going seemingly nowhere, we hadn’t seen any guests at all in two days, the lobby being unattended at 3am. We try to convince ourselves its the drugs and we’re overthinking things and go on with our night. But then we start hearing cars pulling up and leavings quickly, people talking right outside our window etc. and all of this terrifies us. We become convinced we could be in trouble we try calling the hotel from the websites listed number, number doesnt exist. We try making a call from our phone, doesn’t dial out just comes out with a dial tone. Try calling 911 with the room phone and the phone cuts out completely. Drunk and high afraid to call the cops, knowing we have to leave we pack up our **** and take off, only to have to drive overnight to the next town to find a room.

Turns out it was a sham hotel and they robbed people there it got busted a couple months later. Bunch of details left out but by far the scariest night of my life, thank god for drugs and my girl. Could’ve died otherwise” — SubwaySub

The screams

“So first one is creepy……grew up in an old farmhouse on a huge valley in a residential area….one night my parents are out of town and my aunt is watching us. I’m around 12-13 me and my sister are playing on our trampoline which is about 5 feet from the edge of a wooded hill……its dark outside and it was fall so all the leaves had fallen. Out of nowhere we hear a scream that could only be described as a woman being murdered but not only that with the screams we here the leaves rustling like she is trying to get away. My aunt hears it from inside the house and runs out and sees us looking toward the screaming. It stops completely and she tells us to come inside and has the phone in her hand. Calls police…. They show up and also the city park rangers. They go down and search the area for about an hour and find NOTHING. Me and my brothers would still go have adventures down there but we never went near that area ever again. ” — LiftNFishCLE


“This was a few years ago. My wife was working second shift so it was only me and my dog in the house. As I am getting into bed, I hear something in the den. It sounded like whispering, loud enough to hear but not loud enough to make out was being said. As im walking to my bedroom door, im thinking someone has broke in the house but my dog has not made a peep the whole time. So i open the door and its a song that is playing. The same song i use as my wife’s ringtone when she calls me. So i just think i left my phone out in the den. So i check where i would usually put it while im in the den but its not there. then i realize its on my nightstand beside my bed where i put it to charge. So search for where the song is coming from. My computer (desktop) which i had shut down earlier in the day was on, the media player was pulled up, and the song(my wife’s ringtone) was playing.

Didn’t really freak me out afterwards, but slept with the bedroom door locked that night.” — theuofsc

Watched over

“my father experienced a lot of these paranormal activities, here’s a few.

He was in the civil war in Lebanon in the 70’s and 80’s, Christian side, prob 18 or 17 at the time. Anyway, he was guarding a barracks at a street corner where Palestinian and Syrian militias would try to come through. Suddenly, he sees an old lady at the corner of the otherside of the street yelling ‘come, come have a 7up, you look thirsty! it’ll only take a second’ and hes like lady you’re 90, get the hell out of here its a warzone.

she called out to him for about 20 minutes, finally, hes like i have to get her out of here or she’s gonna die, so he gets up and runs over. the next minute, an RPG is fired into the barracks and blows it away. he’s knocked down and looks for the old lady to see if shes ok and she’s nowhere to be found.

his buddies were snipers in the high rise and they didnt know what the hell or who the hell he was talking to, no one saw her.

after that, he left the country and came to the US.

Another time he was training how to fire an RPG. he tried four or five times, finally he felt like something was wrong because it never fired. the next guy up said “let me try it, stop wasting our time”. he clicked it once and it exploded in his hand, killing him instantly.” — EnforcerOTF

Black eyes

“I was 5 or 6 years old and I was at a barber shop on base waiting for my dad to get his hair cut. I must have fallen asleep in the chair or something because I woke up suddenly and saw my dad walking out the door. I panicked and ran out the door after him, I saw him go around a corner towards the parking lot so I started walking that way, just then my dad ran out the door towards me asking what the hell I was doing. I didn’t know what to say or do and I swore that it was him I had been following. I never said anything about it to him and I just recently remembered it. The only weird thing was the guy I was following had very dark eyes, almost black.” — Dpezy TC mark


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