34 Super Sweet ‘Good Morning’ Texts That Will Make Your Boyfriend Smile

1. Good morning Handsome!

2. Wish I was waking up with you.

3. I dreamed about you last night.

4. Hope you have the best day today.

5. I don’t mind waking up tired because I know I get to see you later.

6. Waking up is better than dreaming because I remember that I get to be with you.

7. Being in love with you makes every morning a good morning.

8. Good morning, just wanted to tell you I love you.

9. Wish I was bringing you coffee in bed :)

10. I was thinking of you all night.

11. Good morning Sexy!

12. Today is going to be an awesome day because I get to have you as my boyfriend.

13. Hope you were dreaming of me :)

14. I wish we could cuddle all morning.

15. Come over so I can cook you breakfast.

16. I hope you know how happy you make me. I even wake up happy.

17. Another day we get to spend together :)

18. I hope your day is as sparkly as your smile.

19. You were the first thing I thought about when I woke up today.

20. Getting up and going to work doesn’t seem that bad knowing I get to text you during my day.

21. I’m so lucky that waking up is better than dreaming because I get to have you in real life.

22. I can’t wait to see your smile later.

23. I wish I could kiss you good morning.

24. I went to bed smiling last night because of you.

25. The only thing that would make this morning better is if we spent it cuddling in bed instead of getting up for work.

26. I love waking up knowing today is another day we get to be together.

27. I woke up thinking about how in love with you I am.

28. I wish I was waking up in your arms.

29. I just wanted to say thank you. You’re the reason I woke up smiling today.

30. Morning baby! Thanks for being the best boyfriend a girl could ask for.

31. Good morning, I’m sure you look extra handsome today.

32. Thanks for making every day I wake up a little bit sweeter.

33. It’s cold and I’m snuggled up in my bed. Wish you were here.

34. Have the best day! I love you! Thought Catalog Logo Mark



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