13 Things That Happen When You Date An English Major


1. Your grammar in text messages WILL be corrected.

2. You’ll discover their “celebrity crush” is Mr. Darcy or Anne Elliot.

3. If you ever move in together, forget about having a place for YOUR books. Their bookshelf is already overflowing with rows of books and then more books jammed horizontally above those.

4. You don’t need to ask them what their favorite smell is. It’s “book.”

5. When you go to see a movie you should at least wiki it so you can be prepared to discuss how the film adaptation compares to the book version.

6. Your conversations will flow seamlessly from Kim Kardashian to Alice Munro.

7. You’ve got a built in editor whenever you have an important paper or work project you need help with.

8. If you’re still in college, you heavily sigh for them when someone asks “what they’re going to do with that major.”

9. If you’re out of college, you’ve still read their college papers. Because they are proud of them!

10. When you see this gif, you know exactly who to send it to:


11. You’ve had an argument about the Oxford comma.

12. You thought you knew people who loved coffee, but you had no idea until this relationship.

13. You will go on a romantic date to a bookstore, and they will love it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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